December, 1943 — January, 1944

Hands Across the RunwayBy William S Friedman14
Exiles in the Air17
Don’t Fly With a ColdBy Eric Sloane20
The Mosquito Family TreeBy J Paul Andrews22
Camera Birds26
Bulletin Board28
Spotter’s Quiz No 2329
Boxcars tor BattleBy Peter Masefield30
Empire Air KnotsBy A J Bry32
Stepping Stones to a Setting SunBy Leonard Engel34
A Guy Named SmithBy D B Alexander36
Britain at WarBy Ralph Michaelis, RAF  37
I’m Working With a Bunch of KidsBy Walter Beech38
Air Executive
Spotter’s Answers43
Air Digest46
Wing Tips48
Air Mail58


Eighth Air Force Issue
Wing Tips4
Bulletin Board10
Fifteen Seconds to LiveBy Francis Vivian Drake  12
18 Months With the Fighting EighthBy R H Richmond16
High-Flying Generals19
Tons of Trouble20
Bombs AwayBy John Charles22
Flying SievesBy William S Friedman24
Thunder in the SkiesBy George F Hall28
Timetable Raiders30
Marauder Minute Men32
Neither Too Little Nor Too Late34
Doctors of Aviation40
Spotters' Quiz42
Front Line Campus44
Flying CannonBy A J Bry46
Eaker’s Honor MenBy D C Alexander48
Air-Sea Rescue49
Main Street on the Thames50
One of Our Cities Is MissingBy Leonard Engel52
Famous Flights56
Air Executive
Spotters' Answers70
Air Mail74


Wing Tips12
Jet PropulsionBy Lt C J Hylander, USNR  16
This Is the EnemyBy A J Bry20
Jumps Ahead of the JapsBy William Courtenay22
Night VisionBy Eric Sloane24
A Dive Bomber’s Debut26
Air Weapons in Review28
Plane Portrait31
Bulletin Board32
Spotters' Quiz No 2533
Cargo for Combat34
Last Round: Allies versus AxisBy Leonard Engel36
Heroes of World War II36
Flux Gate CompassBy H H Carleton40
MeteorologyBy Mac Weir43
Spotters' Answers44
Plane Portrait45
Mosquitoes Sting at NightBy William S. Friedman 46
Red Star Rides HighBy D C Alexander 49
French With a German AccentBy R H Richmond52
Air Executive
Air Mail 72


[ Issue missing ]


Air Digest10
High Speed AirfieldsBy C A Wulchyn15
Dream Up Your AircarBy Leonard Engel18
Guesswork To ClockworkBy G E Nistal21
Messerschmitt Fighter DesignBy Martin Caidin26
Flying Blue AmazonsBy Eugene Tillinger30
Bulletin Board31
Aviation's OscarBy Devon Francis32
Plane Portraits35
…Training CommandBy Brig Gen Walter F Kraus37
…Flight Control CommandBy Col George C Price
…Proving Ground CommandBy Brig Gen Grandison Gardner38
…Materiel CommandBy Lt Col G R Johnston40
…Air Service CommandBy Capt Robert B Light41
Britain At WarBy Ralph Michaelis, RAF42
MeteorologyBy Mac Weir44
Training AidsBy A J Bry46
Flying The MailBy D C Alexander50
Air Executive54
Wing Tips68
Air Mail72


Wing Tips4
Britain at WarBy Ralph Michaelis, RAF8
Bulletin Board13
Plane Portrait15
Landing PuddlesBy Willy Ley17
Seven-League BootsBy William S Friedman20
Plane Portraits22
Japanese Fighter DesignBy Martin Caidin24
What’s In A NameBy Stanley Washburn, ATC27
Air SicknessBy Eric Sloane30
Murder By Mitchell32
RogerBy Capt Albert Hailparn, USAAF 34
How To FlyBy Gerard E Nistal36
Chinese CadetsBy D C Alexander46
Blimp PatrolBy A J Bry50
Air Digest52
Air Executive
Air Mail74


Bulletin Board4
Plane Portrait8
Why air Power Failed at CassinoLeonard Engel13
Aces HighA J Bry16
Nazi Man KillerMartin Caidin19
Britain at WarRalph Michaelis, RAF22
You and the Air FutureD C Alexander24
MeteorologyMac Weir26
Plane Portrait28
How to FLy, Lesson II30
Air WACSCapt Marion Lichty, WAC35
Low ApporoachFirst Officer Stanley Washburn, ATC38
Plane Portrait40
Generation of American fightersLt Peter Bowers, USAAF42
Plane Portrait46
Sweden's Strangest Plane47
Calling Army TowerGerard Nistal48
Air Executive
…I Fly Without PriorityJ Paul Andrews52
Crossword Puzzle66
Air Mail70
Wing Tips72


Bulletin Board4
Plane Portrait13
Plane Portrait14
Fascism’s Last HourBy Leonard Engel15
Two Strikes Against The AxisBy J Paul Andrews 18
Jerry's Field of FireBy J D Freudy21
This Is the Enemy24
Medium Bomber Bailout26
Medium Bomber Ditching28
Plane Portrait30
Generation of American Fighters, Part IIBy Martin Caidin 33
Air Parks tor Sunday PilotsBy Robert Craig38
Plane Portrait41
Plane Portrait42
Helicopter RescueBy G B F Macauley44
Plane Portrait47
How To Fly, Lesson III48
Air Executive
…Corporate Portrait: Curtiss WrightBy D B Alexander 55
Air Mail70
Wing Tips72



Ninth Air Force Issue
Air Mail 16
100 Day WonderBy Robert Gerdy19
Hit and RunBy Capt Roger Williams26
Bridge BustersBy Col Richard T Coiner, Jr 29
They Man the Mediums30
Cool Heads and Hot Lead33
Republic Thunderbolt37
The Douglas Havoc A-2043
The Martin Marauder B-2644
They Swoop to Conquer46
Airfields While You WaitBy Lt James M Doyle52
Signed, Sealed and Delivered54
The Little BrothersBy Sgt Robert F Blake59
Eyes of the Fighting 9thBy Sgt Jack Lovell60
Second TAFBy Ralph Michaelis63
Air Executive64


Wing Tips10
Bulletin Board14
US Naval Aviation17
Qualified tor Salt WaterBy Don Terrio21
Five Years of Air War26
Life Is Rough in the ETO28
Plane Portrait: Vultee A-3530
Gold Mines in the Sky35
Coast to Coast at Top Speed43
Aces Lead a Charmed Life46
Plane Portrait: Martin PBM-3D53
How to Fly: Lesson V54
Double Trouble60
Foolproof PlanesBy Charles J Hawkins63
Air Executive65
Air Mail78


Bulletin Board10
Air Mail14
Wing Tips18
Into Northern Skies21
Low Level Attack25
This Is the AllyBy D C Alexander28
What Next for Enemy Plants30
Plane Portrait: Convair Coronado (PB2Y-3R)32
Near HeroesBy Martin Caidin34
Gateway to TokyoBy Leonard Engel36
Neutral Warplanes43
How to Fly: Lesson VI44
Plane Portrait: Boeing Superfortress (B-29) 48
Holland Invasion By Ralph Michaelis51
MeteorologyBy Mac Weir54
Plane Portrait: Bell Kingcobra (P-63)51
Spotting Ships by Their Wake60
Air Executive64