Electronics — New Kit Of ToolsBy Gilbert Sunbergh  7
Shotguns To CannonBy Burr Leyson12
Cages For FreedomBy R W Luce15
Duramold: How To Patch ItBy Arthur W Loerke16
Slots And FlapsBy Wm S Friedman17
The Anatomy Of AirBy Eric Sloane22
Plane Portraits26
Aircraft Engine Design35
Which Way?50
Tech Album52
Shop Talk55


[ Issue missing ]


Cyclone Lives Up To NameWilliam G Ovens7
Elements Of HydraulicsBy A J Ulmann14
Quick Change For VictoryBy Chris J Frey16
Aircraft Power TurretsBy Carl K Ryal19
Anatomy Of The Air, Part IVBy Eric Sloane22
Direction By RadioBy Martin R Cooney  24
Slide Rule: How To Use ItBy V Withington25
Plane Portraits26
Care Of The 'ChuteBy Richard Switlik35
Vertical Speed43
London Letter48
Shop Talk49
Tech Album52
Book Reviews58


Cargo Planes Shod Faster17
Helicopter At War21
Horsepower For VictoryBy George G Devereux  22
Patching LumarithBy H K Haviland
And H E Smith
Handling The Halifax30
Air Safety From The Ground Up33
Versatile Bomber — Do-217eBy William S Friedman39
Airplane Engine Overhaul Line42
Servicing AccumulatorsBy J Perrin 44
Radio Tubes At WorkBy Lieut Myron Eddy46
Newest Messerschmitt48
Ground Crew trainer53
To Fly Straight — The Compass54
Technicians At War6
Shop Talk8
Tech Album13
Plane Portraits34
Maintenance News56
Book Reviews70


How Fast?16
North American P-51 Mustang19
Hacksaw — How To Use It25
The RaysondeBy Alfred J Sinks26
Hydraulically Operated Turrets28
Voice Of The PlaneBy Lt Myron Eddy  39
The Aeroprop46
P & W Twin Wasps Sting The Axis50
Gyro-Horizon Indicatorby Dean P Kelley55
Technicians At War6
Shop Talk8
Tech Album12
Maintenance Abroad24
Plane Portraits34
Maintenance News42
Book Reviews64


Balance for Safetyby Lieut Charles J Nelson  17
Lightning Strikes the Axis — P-3821
De-Icer Removal and Storageby Charles S Stebbins40
Ears of the Airplaneby Lieut Myron Eddy48
Directional Gyro Indicatorby Dean P Kelley54
Technicians at War6
Shop Talk8
Tech Album12
Maintenance Abroadby Ralph Michaelis  46
Maintenance News60
Book Reviews66


Maintenance And Operation
Avigation Aidsby Lieut Col P C Sandretto  16
Servicing The Allison V-12by C B F Macauley19
The Gyropilot, Part Iby Dean P Kelley34
Know Your Fuelsby R T Goodwin40
Aviation Mechanic's Notebook, Part Iby W Dan Mcnamee44
Hi-Shear Rivets Save Weight50
Regular Features
Technicians At War6
Shop Talk8
Tech Album12
Maintenance Abroadby Ralph Michaelis  48
Maintenance News52
Book Reviews62
Air Tech's Air Mail66


Maintenance And Operation
Aircraft Mechanic's Notebook, Part IIby Dan Mcnamee  18
Aerial Photographsby A J Eardley21
Automatic Gun Sight32
Death With The Wind50
The Gyropilot, Part IIby Dean P Kelley54
Regular Features
Technicians At War6
Shop Talk8
Tech Album14
Maintenance Abroadby Ralph Michaelis  40
Maintenance News44
Book Reviews66


Maintenance And Operation
Wasp Cutawayby J Mark Oliver18
Aircraft Mechanic's Notebook, Part IIIby Don Mcnamee21
Hydraulic Test Standsby F I Hoyt22
Beaufighter Servicing26
What Is Vector Analysis?by David H Beetle  29
50-Hour Inspection32
CloudsBy Eric Sloane34
Aircraft Modification38
Tools — Chisels44
Synthetic Rubber In Fuel Tanks55
Regular Features
Technicians At War6
Shop Talk8
Tech Album14
Maintenance Abroadby Henry W Hayter  25
Maintenance News48
Book Reviews68


Maintenance And Operation
The Douglas A-20 Havocby Paul Andrews20
Servicing Hydraulic Equipmentby Joe B Page26
Aircraft Profiles train Electricians30
United Air Lines Maintenanceby Winfield Foster  32
Propeller Governor Test Bench36
Maintenance Of Aircraft Tiresby L H Taylor39
trigonometry Of The Right triangleby C V Newsom
and H D Larsen
Visual Aid For Electriciansby Leslie Baird44
Plexiglas Care And Maintenanceby H L Mccarthy46
Cockpit Mockupby H. L. Keeler52
Regular Features
Pilot's Notebook6
Tech Album14
Shop Talk18


Maintenance And Operation
The B-25 Mitchellby H L Keeler21
The Use And Care Of Portable Drills34
Oxygen Equipment For Air Crews And Aircraftby E B Sherburne  36
Servicing Military Batteriesby E F Grothe40
Standard Radio Symbols43
Regular Features
Shop Talk12
Tech Album16
Maintenance Newsby M A Buqnon  44
Air Mail69

December, 1943 — January, 1944

Maintenance And Operation
The P-47 Thunderboltby M A Bugnon21
Gyro Flux Gate Compassby J Paul Andrews36
Maintaining Military Radio Equipmentby Lt Thomas Friedman, USAAF  38
Measurement Of Anglesby C V Newsom
And H D Larsen
Ball Bearing Control Careby E B Sherburne42
Installation Of De-Icers by Charles S Stebbins45
Instrument Cutaways50
Regular Features
Tech Album16
Shop Talk56
Maintenance News56