December, 1943 — January, 1944

Maintenance And Operation
The P-47 Thunderboltby M A Bugnon21
Gyro Flux Gate Compassby J Paul Andrews36
Maintaining Military Radio Equipmentby Lt Thomas Friedman, USAAF  38
Measurement Of Anglesby C V Newsom
And H D Larsen
Ball Bearing Control Careby E B Sherburne42
Installation Of De-Icers by Charles S Stebbins45
Instrument Cutaways50
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Maintenance News56



Maintenance And Operation
Consolidated-Vultee B-24 Liberatorby J Paul Andrews19
What's Wrong With The Helicopter?by C B F Macauley26
Fighter Contrasts
Terminals Of Tomorrow30
Big Guns Of Air Combatby Louis Bruchiss33
Maintenance Abroadby Ralph Michaelis, RAF36
7 Varieties Of Fog38
Cross Staffby W E Schimpff 43
Aircraft Heatingby J I Trimble44
Fingers Of Speechby D E Martin47
Ten Commandments Of A Crew Chief52
Radio And Electronics
…Postwar Radio53
…Radio In The tropicsby Cpl William S Friedman  54
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Maintenance News8
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Maintenance And Operation
Shop Talk10
Douglas SBD Dauntlessby Cpl William S Friedman17
The Raft Bookby Lt James L H Peck, USMM24
Fighter Designby M A Bugnon27
Masterminding The Turboby Robert E Frazier30
Aircraft Lubrication33
Terminals Of Tomorrow, Part 235
Mobile training Unitsby G E Nistal39
The Drift Meter40
The Aircraft Sextant41
Camouflage — Science Or Hokum?by Douglas Campbell, Cm 1/C, USNR  42
Tools — Riveting Hammers46
Radio And Electronics
…Duramold Harnesses The Electron47
Be Kind To Your Earsby Lt E W Stitt, USNR55
Inertia Starter60


Maintenance And Operation
The Fairchild Cornellby Cpl William S Friedman19
Identification of Plasticsby John Delmonte25
Maintenance Magic for Piston Ringsby G E Nistal28
Powerplant Fire Protection32
Solderingby Leslie Baird35
Silk and Steelby J Paul Andrews38
Rocket Take-Offby Willy Ley40
Aircraft Refuelers42
America's J-P Fighterby Robert E Frazier44
Sand and Dustby M A Bugnon48
Radio and Electronics
… Electrons Take the Controlsby Robert E Frazier54
… Radio in Aviationby Charles I Stanton56
… Emergency Radio Servicingby Lt Col J G Tustison, SC  60
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Tech Album14


Maintenance And Operation
The Vultee Valiant SNV15
The Navy's "Old Lady"by Martin Caidin24
Float Repair Know-Howby G E Nistal31
Magnesiumby Samuel Crowther, 3rd35
Brake And Wheel Maintenanceby Sgt William S Friedman  41
Hydraulic Pressure Accumulators44
Plane Facts About Class46
Radio And Electronic
…Radarby Robert E Frazier50
…Testing Station52
…Masts Of Plywood54
Hole-Cutting Tools55
"Elmer" The Auto-Pilot58
Stratosphere Performance On The Ground62
Aircraft Fumigation72
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News Items68


Maintenance And Operation
Keeping Forts In Flying trim [ PDF, 3.9 MiB ]12
The Fairchild AT-21by M A Bugnon17
Sky Anchors Aweighby E G Keane24
Repairing Synthetic Tires And TubesBy Spartan Roberts27
Aircraft Engine Lubrication30
100-Octaneby John C Casman34
Sight Unseenby Gerard E Nistal37
Fifty-Calibreby Martin Caidin41
Junkers Ju-88by Sgt William S Friedman45
Clipper Kits Wing The Atlantic52
Radio And Electronics
…The Klystronby Capt Eugene E Skinner  54
…Testing Station58
Where US Air Power Is Born62
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Maintenance And Operation
Super B-29 Fortress14
The Bell P-39 Airacobraby Martin Caidin17
Crash Alert24
Manifold Pressure Gage27
The Hawker Typhoon29
Electronic Auto-Pilot, Type C-1by Gerard E Nistal31
Boxcars For Invasionby Charles J Hawkins35
Anti-Icing System38
The Mirage Of Willcox Dry Lake42
Technicians At War45
Radio And Electronics
…$4,500,000,000 Industry 50
…Electronics In A Hurryby Lt S C Heiches, SC  52
Command Performance58
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Maintenance And Operation
The Douglas C-47by Gerard E Nistal15
Computing And Compensating
Sights For Aerial Gunnery
By Maj Gen Follett Brady, USAAF, Ret  23
P-61 Black Widow — Photograph25
Stall Warning Indicators26
Bell Helicopter28
Lubrication Of Martin Planesby I T Turner31
Mosquitoby Martin Caidin34
Radio And Electronics
…Radio Heat Waveby Jack O'Brine46
Why Synthetic Rubber Minimizes
Aircraft Maintenance
by John A Tallant50
Marines At War52
The Compars54
[ "Home-Made" P-40s Knock Down Jap Planes64 ]
[ Low-Level Thunderbolts65 ]
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Maintenance And Operation
The Consolidated Vultee Catalina17
K-Ship — Photograph26
Strips For Actionby Capt Haynes Thompson  30
Hydraulic Brake Control Valveby George A Rix32
B-25H Mitchell — Photograph34
Torque Wrenchesby J Joyce36
Personal Planes43
Design For Maintenanceby Charles Froesch45
Attitude Indicator48
B-24J Liberator — Photograph50
Radio And Electronics
…Applications Of Electronic Controlby E H Vedder54
Messerschmitt Design Analysisby Martin Caidin60
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Maintenance And Operation
The Grumman Avenger TBF19
The P-63 Kingcobra 26
What To Leave Alone — Power Plants31
Hydraulic Actuating Cylinders32
Weather Briefing34
Technicians At War36
Bombs And Bomb Loading38
Convoy Smasherby Martin Caidin44
Metallizingby Gilbert C Close46
Personal Planesby Charles J Hawkins  51
Radio And Electronics
…Radio Heat Wave56
…Television Today And Tomorrow58
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Maintenance And Operation
The Douglas C-54by Charles J Hawkins17
Beaufighter Briefingby Martin Caidin26
Personal Planesby R C Oertel28
What To Leave Alone — AccessoriesBy Lt J Kendall29
Inlines?by Leonard Engel30
Rolling IQby Samuel W Taylor32
Corrosion (Part 3)by Ray Sanders34
SB2C — Photograph38
Jet Planes43
Rotary Wing Report44
Commercial Commando46
F4U — Photograph48
Thunderbolt Ferry52
Radio And Electronics
…High Voltage For High Efficiencyby John Paul Andrews  55
…Electronic Oscillograph56
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