Side SlipsBy Robert R Osborn27
Down to Rio with the GHQ28
TACA — Jungle Air FreighterBy Ralph Hancock30
Turning the X-Ray on the Hiring LineBy Randal Irwin32
Lofting Speeds ProductionBy Thomas J Coughlin34
They Stand on their Own FeetBy F A Hoffman36
Fire and What is Being Done About ItBy Charles Froesch38
Control of Vibration in Aircraft, Part IBy H H Bruderlin40
UHF Part IBy W E Jackson42
Flying Equipment44
…A New Waco for 194044
…Cessna Twin Engined T-5046
…Curtiss-Wright Trainer49
…Consolidated Amphibian49
…Lycoming Geared 75-hp Engine50
…Timm Two Place Trainer53
…Five Place Howard53
…Piper Cub Three Place Cruiser54
Buyers Log Book58
The Aviation News61
…National Aviation62
…National Defense64
…Aviation Abroad66
…Aviation People69
…Aviation Manufacturing71
…Transport Aviation78
…Aviation Finance in 1939By Raymond Hoadley81


Louis Francis StollA Tribute by
James H McGraw, Jr
Side SlipsBy Robert R Osborn29
Light Plane Round-up30
Here's Where We Are Going34
American Planes and Engines for 194036
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail56
Engines for 194064
Aviation's Specifications Tables
of Aircraft and Engines
Directory of Aircraft and Engine
Manufacturers Including Key Personnel
Alphabetical Directory
of Accessories and Equipment
Classified Directory
of Accessories and Equipment
Flightray Ready for the FieldBy Don Fink100
The Aviation News103
…National Aviation104
…National Defense106
…Aviation Manufacturing108
…Aviation Abroad112
…Aviation People116
…Aviation Engineering118
…Transport Aviation120
…Aviation FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley122
Operators CornerLes Neville125


Side SlipsBy Robert Osborn27
British Aces in the MakingBy James Montagnes28
Home-Clean AirportsBy Paul E Richter30
Management's Part in Personnel RelationsBy R Randall Irwin32
Outwitting the WindBy J D Mountain34
Trends in Air TransportBy T P Wright36
The Control of VibrationBy H H Bruderlin38
Unveiling the AiracobraBy Robert J Woods40
1940 Annual Meeting,
Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences
Presenting the Curtiss-Wright TransportBy George Page,
as told to J P AuWerter
Maintenance at a ProfitBy C W France54
Aviation RadioDon Fink66
Buyers Log Book72
Turn and Bank InstallationBy Ray Snyder75
The Aviation News79
…National Aviation80
…Washington Windsock81
…National Defense82
…Aviation Abroad84
…Aviation People88
…Aviation Manufacturing90
…Aviation Engineering93
…Transport Aviation94
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley96
Operators CornerLes Neville99
California Glider Party101


Side Slips31
Winged VictoryBy T P Wright32
Wright Field34
Air Corps Proving Ground36
Pilots Are Human Too38
Airline Safety Through TeamworkBy Carl Norcross40
Keeping Them Aloft ByBy Leslie E Neville42
UHFBy W E Jackson44
Cabin SuperchargesBy David Gregg46
Quantity Production of Small Radial EnginesBy Gunnar Edenquist 48
Aviation's Sketchbook of Design Detail 52
Amber Lights for RunwaysBy W C Norvell54
High Octane Gasoline or Safety Fuel?By J R MacGregor57
Let's Use Decimals!By Curtis L Bates58
Synthetic Rubber Takes to the AirBy H M Koelliker62
Flying Equipment64
…New Ryan Dragonfly64
…Johansen JA-269
…Porterfield Trainer66
…Briegleb Glider69
Buyers Log Book74
The Aviation News77
…National Aviation78
…Washington Windsock79
…National Defense80
…Aviation People82
…Aviation Abroad84
…Aviation Manufacturing86
…Aviation Engineering89
…Transport Aviation90
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley92
Operators CornerLes Neville95


Side SlipsBy Robert Osborn31
Take to the WaterBy Carl Norcross32
Don't Give Up the Ship!36
Streamlined Aircraft ProductionBy Don I Carroll38
Follow the Flying RulesBy Tom Hardin42
How Luscome Builds Metal AirplanesBy C H Burgers44
Into the Sub-StratosphereBy R J Minshall46
Aviation Financial TrendsBy Selig Altschul51
Curtiss-Wright's Basic Combat Fighter52
Flying Equipment54
…Fairchild Trainer for 194054
…Flight Test of the Curtiss-Wright Transport58
…Lenape Brave61
Buyers Log Book64
The Aviation News67
…National Aviation68
…Washington Windsock69
…National Defense70
…Aviation Abroad72
…Aviation People76
…Aviation Manufacturing78
…Aviation Engineering81
…Transport Aviation82
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley84
Operators CornerJerome C Lederer89
What I say93


Side Slips31
At the Fair32
Soaring on the West CoastBy Charles F McReynolds34
Tomorrow's Light PlaneBy William B Stout36
The Law May Get YouBy Solomon Rothfeld38
Boxing Airplanes for ExportBy Howard Emerson40
Airport Fire FightingBy C L Griffin42
Value Received from
an Engineering Department
By Hall Hibbard44
FMBy Don Fink46
New Ranger Navy Engine48
Republic EP-1 Pursuit52
American Airlines' Maintenance56
Aviation Sketchbook of Design Detail60
UHFBy W E Jackson63
Spartan's Radio SchoolBy .Maxwell W Balfour64
Southwest Aviation Conference69
Stocks Behave Like War BabiesBy Selig Altschul70
Buyers Log Book74
The Aviation News79
…National Aviation80
…Washington Windsock81
…National Defense82
…Aviation Abroad84
…Aviation People86
…Aviation Manufacturing88
…Aviation Engineering91
…Transport Aviation92
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley95
Operators CornerJerome C Lederer99
Recent Books105
Window Shopping105


Side SlipsBy Robert Osborn31
America versus TimeBy Louis Johnson33
50,000 Planes a YearBy T P Wright34
Pratt & Whitney ExpandsBy Jay P AuWerter38
RAF MaintenanceBy R E Hautier42
Plastics in British Planes44
Value Received from an Engineering DepartmentBy Hall Hibbard46
FMBy Don Fink48
New Wright Engine Plant50
Investors Watch Aviation TrendsBy Selig Altschul52
Aviation Sketchbook of Design Detail54
Flying Equipment56
…Aeromold Trainer56
…The Guiberson Diesel59
…Soviet USSR L-76062
…The Sikorsky He1iocopter65
Aviation RadioDon Fink61
Buyers Log Book68
Electrical Switches for AircraftBy A L Riche70
The Aviation News73
…National Aviation73
…Washington Windsock75
…National Defense77
…Aviation Abroad78
…Aviation People80
…Aviation Manufacturing82
…Aviation Engineering85
…Transport Aviation86
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley88
Operators CornerJerome C Lederer93
Recent Books96


Side SlipsBy Robert Osborn29
Billions for Air DefenseBy Leslie E Neville31
The Challenge of the Times33
Statistics of Military Air Strength34
The New Army Air ForceBy Maj Gen Henry H Arnold36
The Navy Expands
its Aircraft and Base Facilities
By Rear Admiral John H Towers38
Training in the Expanded Air CorpsBy Brig Gen Jacob Fickel40
Procurement for DefenseBy Brig Gen George Brett42
Speeding Aircraft ProductionBy Donald Douglas44
How to Finance Your Plant ExpansionBy Robert B Colborn46
Sub-Contracting, What and WhenBy P N Jansen48
Mobilizing Sub-Contracting FacilitiesBy Harvey L Williams50
We Are Ready!52
Where Should Your New Plant be Built?55
Now We Are In ItBy C G Grey56
How to Get CAA TrainingBy Blaine Stubblefield58
Aviation Earnings RegulatedBy Selig Altschul59
Flying Equipment60
New Curtiss P-4060
…Army Photographic Plane64
Rolls Royce Merlin67
…Interstate Cadet77
Aviation Sketchbook of Design Detail 70
22 Months of CAA72
Hemisphere Defense Map74
Buyers Log Book80
Aviation RadioBy Don Fink83
The Aviation News87
…National Aviation88
…Washington Windsock89
…Aviation People94
…Aviation Manufacturing97
…Aviation Engineering101
…Transport Aviation104
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley108
Operators Corner111


Side SlipsBy Robert Osborn27
Twenty Years of Airline ProgressBy Carl Norcross28
Airline ResearchBy Jay P AuWerter30
Mainliner Maintenance32
The Bombing of LondonBy C G Grey34
How Civilian Schools Train Military MechanicsBy C C.Moseley69
Nazi Youth Are Trained for Aviation37
Research Girds for WarBy S Paul Johnston38
Curtiss Propeller Production40
Warplane Production in GermanyBy Paul H. Wilkinson44
Flying Equipment46
…Pitcairn Whirl WingBy A. E. Larsen46
…New All-Metal Light Plane49
…The Grumman Widgeon49
Junkers Jumo 21152
…Culver Cadet55
Aviation's Potential Profitless ProsperityBy Selig Altschul57
Aviation Makes Progress in SiamBy Lucien Zacharoff59
Aviation Sketchbook of Design Detail62
Aviation RadioBy Don Fink64
Buyers Log Book66
The Aviation News69
…National Aviation70
…Washington Windsock71
…Aviation People76
…Aviation Manufacturing79
…Aviation Engineering82
…Transport Aviation90
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley93
Operators Corner97


Side SlipsBy Robert Osborn29
Canada's Warplane IndustryBy James Montagnes30
Where Are Those Profits?32
Factory Training in the EastBy Carl Norcross34
Jigs at Republic36
Research Girds for War Part IIBy S Paul Johnston40
Curtiss Propeller Production Part II42
American Airlines Trains Its Rookies44
Northrop Wind TunnelBy Eldon Wilson46
Goodyear BlimpsBy R G Picinich, Jr48
Aviation Financial Outlook ImprovesBy Selig Altschul51
Training Flying Cadets at Civilian SchoolsBy T Claude Ryan53
Drop Test of Shock AbsorberBy W C Trautman55
Aviation Sketchbook of Design Detail56
Building the Douglas B-1958
The 1941 Luscombe60
Mercedes-Benz Model 601By Paul Wilkinson61
RadioBy Don Fink62
Buyers Log Book64
The Aviation News67
…National Aviation68
…Washington Windsock71
…Aviation Abroad74
…Aviation People76
…Aviation Manufacturing79
…Aviation Engineering83
…Transport Aviation84
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley87
…Operators Corner88
Book Reviews and Window Shopping92


Side SlipsBy Robert Osborn29
Thumbs Up!By C G Grey30
How Aircraft Factories Find Their MenBy C F McReynolds32
More Fun at the AirportBy Wm Strohmeier38
Airline Navigation Was Different in EuropeBy Lewis M Gravis40
To Sue or Not to SueBy Solomon Rothfeld42
Warplane Factories in GermanyBy Paul Wilkinson44
Air Mail Pick-Up46
Aviation's Broadening MarketsBy Selig Altschul47
Finch Facsimile DemonstratedBy Don Fink48
Aviation RadioBy Don Fink50
Buyers Log Book76
Bombers in QuantityBy Jay P AuWerter34
Getting the Most Out of MachinesBy C W S Parsons54
Cutting Production Costs by Die CastingBy Herbert Chase56
Aviation Sketchbook of Design Detail58
It Isn't in the Book60
A Nomogram for Beam ColumnsBy H P Liepmann62
Speeding Light Plane ProductionBy W E Hirtensteiner64
Italian and French Light Plane EnginesBy Lucien Zacharoff68
Italian Air-Cooled EnginesBy Paul H. Wilkinson72
The Aviation News81
…National Aviation82
…Washington Windsock83
…Aviation Manufacturing87
…Aviation People93
…Aviation Engineering95
…Transport Aviation96
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley98
…Operators Corner101
Book Reviews and Window Shopping105


Annual Maintenance Issue
Side Slips29
Maintenance in 194130
Send It To The Depot32
Maintenance at Fairfield Depot34
Maintenance at Mitchell36
Salt Water Maintenance38
Naval Reserve Maintenance42
4-Engine Overhaul EraBy William Maxfield44
Maintenance at La Guardia46
Airline Maintenance Throughout the Country48
Maintenance for the Private OwnerBy Frank Say52
Instrument Maintenance55
Private Engine Maintenance56
Propeller Maintenance59
Private Airplane Maintenance60
Inflation and ProfitsBy Selig Altschul71
Sixty Planes a DayBy Guy Vaughan62
Only the Productive Can Be StrongBy C F McReynolds64
Standardization Takes the Spotlight66
New Howard Trainer68
Designing Loading ChartsBy C W S Parsons72
Bombers in Quantity Part IIBy Jay P AuWerter74
Aviation Sketchbook of Design Detail78
Shock Absorbing SystemsBy Walter A Semion80
The BMW 116 EngineBy Paul H Wilkinson84
Buyers Log Book90
The Aviation News97
…National Aviation98
…Washington Windsock99
…Aviation Manufacturing103
…Aviation Abroad106
…Aviation People109
…Aviation Engineering111
…Transport Aviation112
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley115
…Operators Corner117