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Eighth Annual Directory Number
Wars Progress48
Civil Plane Production Reaches All-time High50
AVIATION'S 1941 Directory
American Civil Aircraft52
…1 to 3 seats53
…4 and 5 seats66
…6 seats and more70
…Military Aircraft76
AVIATION'S Specification Tables for Aircraft105
…1 to 3 seats105
…4 and 5 seats109
…6 seats and more109
…Military aircraft115
AVIATION'S Sketchbook of Design Detail120
Aircraft Manufacturers171
Engines for 1941101
Engine Specification Tables113
Engine Manufacturers177
Accessory and Parts Manufacturers,
and Sub-Contractors
Who Makes It?218
Repair Stations Certified by CAA181
Aviation Schools182
Flying Equipment139
The Aviation News141
…National Aviation142
…Aviation People144
…Aviation Manufacturing152
…Transport Aviation156
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley162


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Side Slips29
Waiting for the BlitzkriegBy C G Grey30
Acrobatics are EasyBy Daniel J Brimm, Jr32
The Cost of Owning and Operating Small AircraftBy Cyrl W Terry and Paul Kellogg34
San Antonio Air Depot38
Western Air Express Celebrates its 15th Anniversary51
Aviation’s Perspective PositionBy Selig Altschul80
Aviation RadioBy Don Fink85
Buyers Log Book88
The New Airplanes
Curtiss Navy Dive Bomber67
…Lockheed P-3872
…The Vega 3575
…N-3 Patrol Bomber77
…Silvaire Seaplane77
…Franklin Powered Culver83
The Aviation News97
…National Aviation98
…Washington Windsock99
…Aviation Manufacturing105
…Aviation Abroad108
…Aviation People111
…Aviation Engineering113
…Transport Aviation114
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley117
…Operators Corner116
Intermediate Caliber Aircraft CannonBy Louis Bruchiss36
Ground Station Direction FinderBy Peter C Sandretto42
Conveyor Belt System44
Why a Rear Engine InstallationBy Robert J Woods46
Plant LayoutBy C W S Parsons48
Harvey Directional Automatic Radio Control53
Drop Hammer TechniqueBy J S J Hlobil and J A Petrie54
Aviation Sketchbook of Design Detail58
Dynamic Engine SuspensionBy H V Shebat62
Thread Cutting Screws for FasteningBy J B O’Connor64
Cirrus Engines — Major and Minor71


Side SlipsBy Robert Osborn29
North Atlantic FerryBy Capt V Edw Smith30
Ready-Made AirportsBy Capt Robert Fogg32
Acrobatics are Easy!By Daniel J Brimm, Jr34
Detroit Gets New Airport52
Aviation in TransitionBy Selig Altschul74
Aviation RadioBy Don Fink77
Buyers Log Book82
The New Airplanes
…Fleet's Trainer and Transport60
Owlet Tricycle Trainer64
…Blackburn Botha67
…Rearwin Tandem Trainer68
…Babcock Liqhtplane73
The Aviation News93
…National Aviation94
Washington Windsock95
…Aviation Manufacturing101
…Aviation Abroad104
…Aviation People105
…Aviation Engineering107
…Transport Aviation108
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley111
…Operators Corner114
The Aviation Books120
North American Dedicates Dallas Plant36
Plastics in AircraftBy J Earl Simonds38
Molding PlasticsBy Robert Decat41
Plexiglas Eyes for Our Bombers42
Five-Gun TurretBy Louis Bruchiss44
Producing 'Chutes46
A Method for Solving Shear Lag ProblemsBy Eric Reissner48
Drag of Riveted WingsBy Charles Peyton Autry53
Aviation Sketchbook of Design Detail56
Accelerated Production PlanningBy Arvid Nelson81
SAE Papers119


Annual Production Issue
Side SlipsBy Robert Osborn33
Production for Air Defense34
Air Power in the MakingBy Major Gen George H Brett36
30,000 Pilots — 100,000 Mechanics a YearBy Gen Davenport Johnson38
Pilots and Mechanics for the NavyBy Admiral J H Towers40
What Next in Aircraft Expansion?By Leslie E Neville42
No ErsatzBy Ernest Bruce44
Applying Machines to Quantity ProductionBy P N Jansen46
Assembly Line ControlBy Omer L Woodson48
Building a Bolt of LightningBy R A Von Hake50
Simplified Production Process52
Getting the Most from Auxiliary PlantsBy Ronald L Burla54
Big Boats and Bombers From the Same FactoryBy Edgar N Gott56
Production for America’s PreparednessBy F W Conant58
Design of Spotwelded StructuresBy Charles W Dodge62
Getting 'em Into the Blue Ahead of ScheduleBy R A Lawson64
Behind the Scenes at NACABy S Paul Johnston68
Aluminum and MagnesiumBy Raymond Hoadley70
248 Factories Build a Flying Fortress74
Sperry Lets George Do ItBy Carl Norcross76
Aviation RadioBy Craig Walsh81
Aviation Sketchbook of Design Detail82
Wing Mounting of Aircraft Machine GunsBy Louis Bruchiss and
James E Dougherty, Jr
Mass Production in Aircraft RadioBy J H Harris89
The Ford V-12 Aircraft EngineBy Paul Wilkinson93
The New Airplanes
…Southern Aircraft's Trainer95
…The Meyers Trainer97
…Zodiac Libra-det Trainer98
…General Aircraft's Plane137
Aviation's Earning PowerBy Selig Altschul100
Buyers Log Book102
The Aviation News113
…National Aviation114
…Washington Windsock115
…Aviation Manufacturing123
…Aviation Abroad126
…Aviation People129
…Aviation Engineering131
…Transport Aviation132
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley135
…Operators Corner138


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25th Anniversary Number
Side SlipsBy Robert Osborn47
Twenty-Five Years of AviationBy Lester D Gardner48
We Knew Them When50
The Growth of Army AviationForeword by
Gen H H Arnold
A Quarter-Century of Naval AviationBy Admiral J H Towers56
Twenty-Five Years of Aircraft ManufacturingBy John H Jouett59
Twenty-Five Years of Airplane DevelopmentBy Grover Loening62
As We WereBy S Paul Johnston64
Twenty-Five Years of Engine DevelopmentBy C Fayette Taylor66
Air Transport Progress Through 25 YearsBy Fowler W Barker68
Selling Airplanes in the Old DaysBy Beckwith Havens70
Aviation Has Showed the Way74
Condors and Humming BirdsBy Charles F McReynolds80
Twenty-Five Years of AirportsBy Emil K Harvey84
Twenty-Five Years of Progress in MaterialsBy J B Johnson86
Filling Up the Instrument PanelBy Mortimer F Bates90
Twenty-Five Years of GlidingBy Sherman P Voorhees94
Aviation's Sketchbook of Design Detail96
Messerschmitt Me-109 RadioBy Wm P Lear102
Flying Equipment
…Navy Combat Trainer105
Buffalos at Singapore106
…Hawker Typhoon and Napier Sabre 108
…Britain's Snargasher111
Air Lines Seek StabilityBy Selig Altschult115
Aviation RadioBy Craig Walsh118
More Money, More Hours, More Planes121
Buyers Log Book122
The Aviation News133
…National Aviation134
…Washington Windsock135
…Aviation Manufacturing141
…Aviation Abroad144
…Aviation People147
…Aviation Engineering149
…Transport Aviation 150
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley153
…Operators Corners157
The New Books160


Side Slips45
Liquid- or Air-Cooled Engines?By Gen George H Brett46
Japanese Air PowerBy Lucien Zacharoff48
Konshin — Emperor of the CampoBy Geo H Copeland50
Navigation with the D/F LoopBy C H McIntosh52
Washington National AirportBy John Groves58
A Bird Flies on a Wing and a HalfBy Capt Edw Smith61
New Link Octant and Collimator82
CAA and the Airplane BuyerBy Donald R Moulton89
Howard DGA-16091
Nazi Nemesis — the Bristol Beaufighter93
Speculation on British RadiolocatorBy Craig Walsh95
Aviation's Accelerated ProductionBy Selig Altschul96
Buyers Log Book100
Ten Fold Expansion at EclipseBy Sidney Webster54
Airplane Specification EngineeringBy Peter A Beck and
Richard H Robb
Expansion Without Bricks and Mortar62
New Light on Production ProblemsBy Chas F McReynolds64
Vega's New PlantBy H E Ryker65
Flying Test StandBy Herb Shebat69
Airplane Hydraulic SystemsBy Edward M Greer70
British Tube and Section FormingBy D J G Rowe74
New Reproduction Process at RepublicBy Bruno Smiling
and Ben Rudnick
Aviation's Sketchbook of Design Detail78
The Aviation News111
…National Aviation112
…Washington Windsock113
…Aviation Manufacturing119
…Aviation Abroad122
…Aviation People125
…Aviation Engineering127
…Transport Aviation128
…Finance By Raymond Hoadley131
…Operators Corner135
The New Books138


Side Slips47
Flying the Atlantic48
Messerschmitt Menace50
D/F Navigational TechniquesBy C H McIntosh54
Simplified Cruising ControlBy Allan A Barrie and
John B Cutting
The False HorizonBy Lieut Volney Finch73
Aviation and the DurationBy Selig Altschul88
Visual Teaching Methods
at the Dallas School
Aviation RadioBy Craig Walsh98
Buyers Log Book100
War Bird BrooderBy Charles F McReynolds52
Structural Features of BeadsBy F R Shanley58
Hydro-Pressed BeadsBy J A Petrie59
Ten-fold ExpansionBy Sidney H Webster60
An Engineering Attack Upon FlutterBy Jean Wylie62
Ground Testing Power PlantsBy T G Hill and A A Joyce64
Warplane Specification EngineeringBy Peter A Beck and
Richard H Robb
Engine Air FiltersBy William K Gregory70
Wings for the CatalinasBy Randolph Hawthorn74
Metal-Casting by the Antioch ProcessBy Elmer J Weinheimer78
Aircraft Drawings in PerspectiveBy R S Rose80
Surface Preparation for Painting
Aluminum Alloys
By Robert I Wray83
Mass Production of Aircraft ClampsBy R R Harrison84
Aviation's Sketchbook of Design Detail92
The Aviation News111
…National Aviation112
…Washington Windsock113
…Aviation Manufacturing119
…Aviation Abroad122
…Aviation People125
…Aviation Engineering127
…Transport Aviation128
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley131
…Operators Corner136
The New Books138


Side Slips45
Air Defense ProgressBy T P Wright46
Where the Auto-Makers StandC B F Macauley48
Civil Aviation Cooperates
in Russian War Effort
By Lucien Zacharoff50
British Bomber Crews in TrainingBy an RAF Officer52
Canada Trains the Empire’s WarbirdsBy James Montagnes56
TWA Standardizes Paint ColorsBy Wm Maxfield62
Position Fixes By D/F BearingsBy C H. McIntosh72
Molding the Langley AirplaneBy Randolph Hawthorne75
hey Want To Help81
Aviation RadioBy Craig Walsh96
Aviation's Tax HurdleBy Selig Altschul99
Buyers Log Book100
They Wear the PantsBy W Gerard Tuttle54
Scientific Control of Transocean FlightBy John C Leslie58
Aircraft Hydraulic PumpsBy Lieut H J Marx and
Edward M Greer
A Procedure Control for Aircraft WeldingBy A K Seemann66
New Runways by Soil-Cement69
Better Service from Aircraft CableBy R F Kolde78
Plated Aluminum in the Aircraft IndustryBy Raymond F Yates84
Non-Magnetic Instrument Building89
Aviation's Sketchbook of Design Detail90
The Aviation News109
…National Aviation110
…Washington Windsock111
…Aviation Manufacturing117
…Aviation Abroad120
…Aviation People123
…Aviation Engineering125
…Transport Aviation126
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley129
…Operators Corner134
The New Books136


Annual Maintenance Issue
Side Slips47
Air Policy and DefenseBy Edward Warner48
Quick Turn-AroundBy Edward W McVitty50
Northwest Airlines Wins Maintenance Award52
Air Corps Learned Plenty on ManeuversBy Garrett Underhill54
The War and Aircraft MaintenanceBy Reagan C Stunkel58
Keep 'Em Flying — AbroadBy Arthur L Fornoff60
Maintenance on the Move62
Men on the Ground at Hamilton Field64
Corpus Christi66
British Service Teams
Light Plane MaintenanceBy Donald C Dobbyn73
Servicing Canadian Kinners75
More Flying Per Day for Airline Planes76
Mass Maintenance MethodsBy Charles "Chief" Kidder80
Northrop "All-Wing" AirplaneBy John K Northrop82
Britain's New "Heavies"104
Morrow Plywood Trainer107
Curtiss Twin-Engined Trainer110
Aeronca Defender110
Aviation RadioBy Craig Walsh124
Aviation's Ever-Changing TrendsBy Selig Altschul126
Buyers Log Book130
Teamwork for ProductionBy Robert Monroe86
Laboratory Control for Ranger EnginesBy C B F Mucauley108
SAE Engineers Review Year of Progress113
Air Filters for Airplane Engine ProtectionBy Wm K Gregory115
Procedure Control for Aircraft WeldingBy A K Seemann116
Aviation's Sketchbook of Design Detail120
The Aviation News139
…National Aviation140
…Washington Windsock141
…Aviation Manufacturing147
…Aviation Abroad150
…Aviation People153
…Aviation Engineering155
…Transport Aviation156
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley159
…Operators Corner162
The New Books164