In this issue5
Editorial Page51
Aviation's War Communique No 152
Building Morale in British FactoriesBy John Monsarrat54
French LessonBy Paul E Lamarche56
Aviation in Brazil Shows Active ProgressBy Alice Rogers Hager58
New Vought-Sikorsky Flying Boat
Building the Consolidated B-24By Major R H Fleet 66
From Print to Part in Eight HoursBy James Harris70
Fleetwings Steps Up Production74
Roller-Line Assembly at Air-Cooled Motors78
Wood-Plastic Airplane PartsBy Curtiss L Bates82
X-Ray Inspection and Supplementary TechniqueBy H M Muncheryan84
Helicopters of Tomorrow90
Beryllium Alloys in AviationBy E Burke Wilford92
Aircraft Hydraulic PumpsBy Lieut Harry J Marx
and Edward M Greer
Aviation's Sketchbook of Design Detail98
Engineering News104
New Patents on Aviation Products105
Material ShortagesBy Raymond Hoadley107
Chicago and Southern's New Base108
New Equipment for the Aviation Industry117
Interceptor CommandBy E E Halmos, Jr132
Rebirth of the RAF136
Prelude to War — Photographs
of the South Carolina Maneuvers
Lighting at the Washington National AirportBy W C Norvel142
Making the Terminal Airport Pay145
Ready for DefenseBy William Strohmeier146
Side Slips149
Aviation's Radio PageBy Craig Walsh151
War Overshadows Aviation's PlansBy Selig Altschul153
The Aviation News155
…National Aviation156
…Washington Windsock157
…Aviation Manufacturing163
…Aviation Abroad166
…Aviation People169
…Transport Aviation170
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley173
…Operators Corner178


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Editorial Page77
Aviation's War Communique No 278
From the Fight to the Factory80
The Auxiliary Air ArmBy Clinton B F Macauley82
1941 Civil Plane Production84
The Backbone of Aerial Defense86
Ten Years of Civil Air Expansion88
Important Air Records90
Military Aircraft Types91
Jacobs lumps into Big LeagueBy J A Harris, III94
Photo Templates Speed ProductionBy G T Allen98
Structural Plastics in AviationBy J B Johnson103
Selective Service and the Aircraft WorkerBy Brig Gen Lewis B Hershey106
Organizing Little Plants for Big ProductionBy Jack Frost108
Seventy Percent Ahead of Schedule113
Baynes Speed Range Indicator114
Manta Long Range Fighter Mock-Up114
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail116
…American Aircraft Section116
…British Aircraft and Engines123
…The Caproni-Campini Jet Propulsion Airplane128
Aviation in a War EconomyBy Selig Altschul131
Contents Page for Directory Section135
Pictorial Section: Photographs and Silhouettes136-183
Engines for 1942: Photographs and Drawings184-192
Specification Tables:
Dimensions, Performance, Construction and
Equipment Data on American and Foreign
Civil and Military Aircraft and Engines
Aircraft Manufacturers195
Engine Manufacturers202
Aviation Suppliers Classified
by Products and Services
United States Airlines221
Aviation Schools222
Side Slips279
Aviation's Radio PageBy Craig Walsh281
The Aviation News283
…National Aviation284
…Aviation Abroad294
…Washington Windsock287
…Aviation People297
…Transport Aviation298
…Aviation Manufacturing291
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley301


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Editorial Page51
Aviation's War Communique No 352
American Airplanes
On The European Battlefronts
Myles V Cave54
Brazil Fosters Air Expansion. Part IIAlice Rogers Hager56
Commercial Flying In AlaskaRichard A Ramme58
Japanese Aircraft60
Production — Design — Research — Engineering
Speeding Up Deep Drawing of Aircraft PartsCharles C Misfeldt64
First Wartime Meeting of
The Institute of The Aeronautical Sciences
Quality Control In The Manufacture of
Hollow Steel Propeller Blades
H P Reiber 68
Geometric Airfoil CharacteristicsCharles F Marshner73
Charting Stability In AircraftCortland D Perkins75
Heli-Coil Spark Plug BushingsHarold Caminez80
Synthetic Resins In ConstructionH N Haut84
Aviation's Sketch Book Of Design Detail90
Subcontractors' Section108
New Equipment For The Aviation Industry97
Window Shopping107
Echelon Of The RAFJ I Waddington122
Preventive MaintenanceJ F Martin129
Maintenance Notebook126
Salvaging Aircrew TraineesJames Montagnes136
Light Planes At WarWilliam D Strohmeier138
They Learned About Parachuting From UsAlexander Barmine142
The Seadrome Lighting SystemW A Pennow144
The Installation and Maintenance of
CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems
J M Noble148
Private Flying And The War150
Defense Grant Aids Small-Town AirportDonald R Warren153
Side Slips117
Aviation's Constant AdjustmentsSelig Altschul119
Aviation's Radio PageCraig Walsh135
…National Aviation155
…Washington Windsock157
…Defense Aviation160
…Aviation Manufacturing163
…Aviation Abroad166
…Aviation People169
…Transport Aviation170
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley173
…Operators Corner176
…Book Reviews179


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Editorial Page51
Aviation's War Communique No 452
Aviation Makes Good Neighbors54
Healthy Workers Produce MoreHarvey M Hall56
German Aircraft57
Production - Design - Research - EngineeringIndex67
Correct Methods of Plexiglas InstallationDr D S Frederick62
New Gas Tank Insulation FastenerElmer Wheaton69
Designing Propellers
Harold H Warden70
Producing Struts For the P-38Wilbur G Wood74
Design Charts For Tubes Subjected to BendingWalter C Clayton80
Cleaning Alclad For ProductionFred Morris85
Salvaging Power in Engine TestingG E Cassidy88
Strength Analysis of Riveted and Bolted JointsWayne A McGowan91
Escher Wyss Variable Pitch PropellerDr C Keller100
Synthetic Resins in Construction, Part IIH N Haut103
De Havilland Contra-Rotating 6-Bladed Propeller106
Blanket Protection From Shrapnel106
Review of Aviation Patents109
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail112
New Products and Equipment
for the Aviation Industry
Window Shopping135
Producing Maintenance MenW C Erb153
Barrage Balloons over Land and SeaJ I Waddington157
Airliner Air ConditioningJ A Ferris160
Wood Frame Hangar For Northwest Airlines163
Britain's Auxiliary Air BasesEmil Harvey163
The Security Airster150
Side Slips147
Aviation's Long Tax RoadSelig Altschul149
Aviation's Radio PageW W MacDonald165
…National Aviation167
…Washington Windsock169
…Aviation Manufacturing170
…Aviation Abroad180
…Aviation People183
…Transport Aviation186
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley191
…Book Reviews194


In This Issue 5
Editorial Page69
Aviation's War Communique No 570
Production Report to the NationCol John H Jouett72
Encouraging Employee ThinkingRussell Newcomb74
Underground Factory76
British Aircraft77
Production - Design - Research - EngineeringComplete Index87
Remote Propeller DrivesCapt Frank T Courtney82
Working Transparent PlasticsJohn Sasso86
Innovations in Plant DesignM M Valentine96
Conserving Aluminum ScrapJohn St Peter99
Strength Analysis of Riveted
and Bolted Joints, Part II
Wayne A McGowan105
Dynamic Balancing of PropellersE Kronauer119
Charting Aircraft Stability, Part IICourtland D Perkins123
Design Charts for Tubes Subjected to TorsionWalter C Clayton127
Review of Aviation Patents141
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail144
Subcontractors Section167
New Products and Equipment
For the Aviation Industry
Window Shopping164
Organization of the Army Air ForcesBlaine Stubblefield183
Liberator Sets New Atlantic Record185
More "Grasshoppers" for the AAF186
Primary Flight MaintenanceWilliam D Strohmeier187
General Motors War Service Program190
Instrument Panel Vibration Testing190
Aircraft Instrument Maintenance191
Turning Out Instrument PilotsHenry W Roberts196
Airline Progress and Mail RatesSelig Altschul179
Transition Trainers201
The Westland Whirlwind203
Civil Air Patrol Steps Ahead205
Along the Apron207
Watch Your Weather207
On Patrol209
Side SlipsRobert Osborn175
Aviation's Radio PageW W MacDonald177
…National Aviation211
…Washington Windsock215
…Calling Names216
…Aviation Manufacturing219
…Assembly Lines221
…Aviation Abroad222
…Transport Aviation224
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley229
…Aviation People233
…Book Reviews234


In This Issue5
Editorial Page71
Aviation's War Communique No 672
Women in Slacks Speed Plane ProductionDon Wharton74
Tactics and Unorthodox AircraftMajor Oliver Stewart76
Italian Aircraft78
Aviation Manufacturing
Production - Design - Research - EngineeringComplete Index81
Forming-By-DrawingFrohman Anderson82
Mass Producing the A-20 Bombers John D Weaver86
Efficient Machine LoadingMax Stupar94
Improved Solutions of Remote Control ProblemsHerbert Chase97
Working Transparent PlasticsJohn Sasso105
Production Boosters at FleetwingsPerry Anderson111
Forged Cylinder Head Developed by Wright117
Perspective Drawings Speed Plane Assembly118
American Mathematical Society MeetsDr Arthur Korn121
Review of Patents124
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail126
Subcontractor's Section165
New Products
New Products and Equipment
for the Aviation Industry
Modern Machine Tools137
Shop Equipment and Accessories147
Window Shopping163
Flying Tank BustersJ I Waddington191
The Army Goes Afloat193
Timm Trainer Undergoing Navy Tests193
Service Problems Of Aircraft
Engine Exhaust Systems
Jack C Zippwald 175
Air Hammer Test Stand186
Training the Customers186
AAF to Factory Schools186
Air Transport
Instrument Landing Systems Will Aid War EffortA C Preil197
Kansas City's Airport SystemWilson W Brown201
Flying Equipment
Merlin "Twenty"207
New Fairchild Cornell209
Civil Operation and Training
Inter-American Escadrille Assumes War RoleJohn Foster, Jr213
CAA Trains tor Overseas Work217
On Patrol217
Along the Apron218
Side Slips171
Aviation's Management ResponsibilitySelig Altschul172
Aviation's Radio PageW W MacDonald189
The Aviation News
…National Aviation221
…Washington Windsock225
…Aviation Manufacturing226
…Assembly Lines230
…Aviation Abroad233
…Transport Aviation238
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley241
…Aviation People245
…Book Reviews247


In This Issue5
Editorial Page81
Aviation's War Communique No 788
Avenger Lives Up To Name90
The Future of Water-based AirplanesCapt Frank T Courtney91
American Aircraft Training in the RAFMyles V Cave94
Aviation Manufacturing
Production-Design-Research-EngineeringComplete Index97
B-24s in Quantity ProductionJ M Gwinn, Jr98
War Production of AircraftChester S Ricker104
Engineering Release for Mass ProductionL N Pizzuto108
Work Simplification Can Speed War ProductionAllan H Mogensen116
Lockheed Expediter SystemHarvey C Christen122
Visual Production Training at BellDavid G Forman127
Adapting Labor to the Aviation IndustryChester S Ricker130
Survey of Multiple-shift OperationsJohn Foster, Jr138
Electro-etching for Templet DuplicationF M Gibian
and Wes Chatten
Material Handling at BuickHerbert C Chase148
Standardization of Small ToolsWade E Miller152
Rolls Cylinder Liners Cut
from Seamless Steel Tubing
Forming-by-Drawing, Part IIFrohman Anderson162
Design Charts tor Tubes Subjected
to Axial Loads and Combined Stresses
Walter Clayton169
New Mass Production Methods for Propellers176
Review of Patents184
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail186
Subcontractors Section217
New Products
New Products and Equipment
for the Aviation Industry
…Modern Machine Tools195
…Shop Equipment and Accessories204
…Window Shopping215
Wartime Maintenance231
The Technical Training Command's
Maintenance Program
Engine Pre-Oiler Unit238
Hitler`s Latest WeaponFred Lamoreux243
Air Forces Continue Expansion245
Glider Schools Established by Army245
Seagull Trys Its Wings245
Civil Operation and Training
CAP Responsibilities Increase251
On Patrol251
CAA Issues Data on Instrument Approaches253
Side Slips229
Aviation's Divergent TrendsSelig Altschul257
Aviation's Radio PageW W MacDonald249
"O'er the Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave"
The Aviation News
…National Aviation261
…Washington Windsock265
…Calling Names266
…Aviation Manufacturing268
…Assembly Lines271
…Aviation Abroad273
…Transport Aviation276
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley279
…Aviation People281
…Recent Books283


In This Issue5
Editorial Page87
Aviation's War Communique No 888
The Soviet Air Force After a Year of WarLt Col Nikolai Denisov, USSR90
The Future of Water-Based Airplanes, IIICapt. Frank T Courtney93
Canada's Aircraft IndustryJames Montagnes96
Aviation Manufacturing
Production-Design-Research-EngineeringComplete Index99
Thunderbolts to Smite the AxisHans E Lasker100
Castaloy Fixtures Unify Aircraft ProductionChester S Ricker106
Design Details of the Mitsubishi Kinsei EngineW G Ovens110
Residual Method of Magnaflux TestingM L Mages118
Reclaim Rubber for AircraftStanley S Kogut122
Induction Healing for Aircraft ProductionJ Wesley Cable127
New Drill Cuts Production TimeF S Gepfert130
Review of PatentsElton H Brown, Jr143
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail144
Subcontractors Section
…They Learn by DoingE H Worthington179
Aviation's Engineering Data Book151
New Products
Aviation's New Reader Service155
Information Tips on Timely Aviation Topics156
Modern Machine Tools157
Shop Equipment and Accessories161
Report from the British Air FrontMyles V Cave191
Fire Power, Range and Gun Arcs
of German Aircraft [ PDF, 2 MiB ]
Air Transport
Importance of Weight Control
in Airline Operation
Charles Froesch201
Airport Lighting System ControlC Norvell205
Maintenance Training With MoviesDavid G Forman207
Alert Maintenance209
Oil Radiator Cleaner209
Flying Equipment
Handley-Page Halifax211
Jap Zero Fighter Shows Nipponese
Civil Operation and Training
CAP Courier-Cargo Service
Passes Experimental Stage
On Patrol217
Along the Apron217
Side Slips187
Aircraft Production and IncentivesSelig Altschul188
Aviation's Radio PageW W MacDonald219
The Aviation News
…National Aviation221
…Washington Windsock225
…Calling Names228
…Aviation Manufacturing230
…Assembly Lines233
…Transport Aviation234
…Aviation Aboard239
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley245
…Aviation People247
…Book Reviews249


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The Aviation Industry is Doing its Job89
Editorial Page91
Aviation's War Communique No 992
Japanese Air PowerE Speyer94
What's Become of the Luftwaffe?Lucien Zacharoff98
Typical Soviet Aircraft100
Gliders Joining the Fight101
The Awakening of Air Power102
Ryan Celebrates Twentieth Birthday104
Aviation Manufacturing
Production-Design-Research-EngineeringComplete Index107
Forming Extrusions by Machine MethodsClark Coe108
Auxiliary Power Vital TodayBlake Reynolds112
The Future of Water-Based Airplanes, IVCapt Frank T Courtney116
Aircraft Armor Made Faster, Tougher120
The Why of Northrup's Engineering Loft TechniqueF M Gibian
and Wes Chatten
Machining Oil Ring Forgings125
NACA Engine Laboratory is World's Largest133
Review of Patents Elton H Brown, Jr148
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail152
Aviation's Engineering Data Book159
Subcontractors Section: Going After the Business 189
New Products
Aviation's Reader Service Announcement163
Information Tips on Timely Aviation Topics164
Modern Machine Tools165
Shop Equipment and Accessories170
British Night Guardians201
British Glider Training203
Taylorcraft Glider Conversion203
Maintenance at ContinentalFrank R Shatto and
L Wettengel
Portable X-ray Unit Speeds Field Maintenance210
Air Transport
United's Suggestion ConferenceFred A Denz213
Airlines Training Army Mechanics216
Flying Equipment
Plywood Bomber Crew Trainer —
Fairchild AT-13
Tezuitlan Primary Trainer —
New Mexican Design
Harlow PC-5A Basic Trainer231
Civil Operations and Training
Operators Solve Problems
of Expanding Air Forces
William D Strohmeier235
On Patrol239
Along the Apron240
Side Slips195
Maguire Studies the Cargo Problem195
Airline Outlook Re-appraisedSelig Altschul198
Aviation's Radio PageW W MacDonald197
The Aviation News
…National Aviation247
…Washington Windsock251
…Calling Names252
…Aviation Manufacturing255
…Assembly Lines256
…Aviation Abroad258
…Transport Aviation261
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley265
…Aviation People269
…Book Reviews271


In This Issue5
Editorial Page91
The Truth About Our Fighter Planes93
The Truth About Our Bombers96
Aviation's War Communique No 1098
Profit Limitations by Treasury DirectiveSelig Altschul100
Meteorological Characteristics of ThunderstormsGeorge N Brancato101
The How and Why of CamouflageHarper Goff104
Aviation Manufacturing
Production—Design—Research—EngineeringComplete Index107
Prefabricating Aircraft Parts at ReynoldsW G Reynolds and
David P Reynolds
Relieving Tooling Bottlenecks with PlasticsLeonard Weiss114
The Future of Water-Based Airplanes, VCapt Frank T Courtney122
The Vidal Process for Molded StructuresE Eugene Miller124
Testing Aircraft Cowl FastenersO J Poupitch126
Drop Hammer Technique and InnovationsChris J Frey and
Stanley S Kogut
Harnessing the StratosphereDwight Tenney137
Review of Patents148
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail154
Aviation's Engineering Data Book161
Subcontractor's Section:
Subcontracting from ScratchEugene K Gray189
New Products
Information Tips on Timely Aviation Topics166
Modern Machine Tools167
Shop Equipment and Accessories172
Final Training for the Real Thing203
Blimps Return to the WarR G Picinich, Jr207
Air Transport
How Much Passenger Traffic?Edgar A Van Deusen215
Locating Ignition TroubleDr H N Walker211
Maintenance at the Front212
Civilians Replacing AAF Mechanics212
Flying Equipment
Focke-Wulf FW-190A3233
New Ryan PT-25235
Civil Operation and Training
On Patrol229
Along the Apron230
Side Slips197
Aviation's Dividend ProspectsSelig Altschul199
The Aviation News
…National Aviation249
…Washington Windsock253
…Calling Names254
…Aviation Manufacturing257
…Assembly Lines261
…Transport Aviation263
…Aviation Abroad267
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley271
…Aviation People273
…Book Reviews275


In This Issue5
Editorial Page91
Aviation's War Communique No 1192
Aircraft Industry in All-Out Cooperation94
Factors Controlling Aircraft Design
Maj Nathaniel F Silsbee, AAF96
Stepping Stones to Action: Trainer Silhouettes100
Meteorological Characteristics
of Thunderstorms, Part II
George N Brancato101
Proper Feeding Boosts Worker ProductionLucius S Flint104
Aviation Manufacturing
Production—Design—Research—EngineeringComplete Index107
Wood Techniques Developed
in Glider Construction
Developing Graphic IllustratorsR R Wiese113
Design Considerations for Plywood StructuresL J Marhoefer114
The Future of Water-Based Airplanes, Part VICapt Frank T Courtney 122
SAE Holds Aircraft Production Meeting124
Tool Design Gains ImportanceJohn J Scheppe129
Fabricating Plastic Dies tor Acrylate SheetsKenton S Leeg143
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell153
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail154
Aviation's Engineering Data Book161
Factory Maintenance Section:
Maintaining Arc Welders tor Peak ProductionR F Wyer133
Subcontractors Section:
Subcontracting Practices at United Aircraft189
New Products
Information Tips on Timely Aviation Topics164
Modern Machine Tools165
Shop Equipment and Accessories
Guardians of the ConvoysEsther H Forbes197
Fire Power Details of Nazi Planes200
Importance of Piston Rings in
Aircraft Engine Maintenance
Paul S Lane205
Air Transport
Air Cargo Will Expand World TradeGeorge F Bauer213
Financing the AirlinesSelig Altschul219
Flying Equipment
Design Details of the BMW801A EngineMyles V Cave228
Civil Operation and Training
Simplified Computers Aid NavigationLt Comdr P V H Weems233
On Patrol237
Along the Apron237
Side Slips195
The Aviation News
…National Aviation243
…Washington Windsock247
…Calling Names248
…Aviation Manufacturing251
…Assembly Lines252
…Transport Aviation255
…Aviation Abroad261
…Aviation People265
…FinanceBy Raymond Hoadley267
…Book Reviews271


Annual Maintenance Issue
In This Issue5
Editorial: The War Is Not Yet Won93
Aviation's War Communique No 1294
Maintenance Features
Assembling and Testing P-40s in BurmaByron A Glover96
It's Like the Old Shoe — It FitsPaul E Richter102
We Learned War Maintenance With the AVGTye Lett, Jr104
Designing for Easy MaintenanceJ A Knox and
J Boericke
Aviation's 1942 Maintenance Awards113
World Cargo Takes to the AirDonald S Sprague114
Fighting the Aircraft Maintenance WarReagan C Stunkel118
Adapting Assembly Line Techniques to Engine Overhaul120
Bringing Field Experience Back to the PlantFrank H Lyons124
Womanpower in Maintenance ShopsC N (Jimmy) James126
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook129
…Landing Gear Assembly Fixture130
…One-Man Mobile Platform131
…Collector Ring Aligning Jig131
…Assembly Line Technique in Maintenance Shop132
…Portable Paint Stand133
…Rocker Arm Socket Remover134
…Salvaging Cowl Flap Brackets134
…Wheel Brake Assembly Jig135
…Exhaust Pipe Repair Jig136
…Fast Valve Grinding Machine136
…Aileron Control Stop137
…Heavy Duty Jack137
…Mechanical Tire Iron138
…Engine Mount Alignment Jig139
…Test Stand Simulates Flight139
…Turret Fixture For Engine Lathe140
…Tire Removing Fixture141
…Tappet Ball Socket Remover141
…For Better Braking142
…Wheel Bearing Greaser142
…Turn & Bank Test Stand143
Aviation Manufacturing
Production—Design—Research—EngineeringComplete Index145
Design Considerations tor Plywood StructuresL J Marhoefer146
Aircraft Hydraulic Accumulator SystemsEdward M Greer150
Fabricating Drop Hammer DiesChris J Frey and
Stanley S Kogut
Standards Program Keyed to War NeedsGlen M Aron165
White Floors Light Those Under-Wing ShadowsF L Mabie166
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell175
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail176
Aviation's Engineering Data Book183
Subcontractors Section:
…Boosting Bomber OutputT J Dunnion221
New Products
Information Tips on Aviation Publications188
Latest Machine Tools189
Shop Equipment and Accessories198
How Our Navy Gears Pilots for WarLt Fred Tupper, Jr239
Black Light tor Night Flight243
Air Transport
Developing Wider Cargo MarketsRobert K Kinzel244
Securing Means tor Air CargoCol E S Evans356
Designing Better Cargo PlanesCharles Froesch363
Aviation's Future TrendsSelig Altschul249
Civil Operation and Training
Civil Air Patrol Completes Year of ServiceMaj Earle L Johnson250
Flying Equipment
Design Details of the BMW-801A Engine, Part IIMyles V Cave256
Two New Stinson Warplanes261
Boeing AT-15 Bomber Crew Trainer263
The Aviation News
…National Aviation269
…Washington Windsock273
…Calling Names274
…Aviation Manufacturing277
…Assembly Lines278
…Transport Aviation282
…Aviation Abroad287
…Aviation People291
…FinanceRaymond Hoadley293
…Book Reviews297