Briefing for January5
Down the Years in Aviation's Log5
Editorials: Progress the Employment Way…
Termination Begins at Home
Aviation War Communique No 25112
What I Would Do About ReconversionDonald W Douglas114
The Personal Plane Sales TargetJohn Foster, Jr116
Realism is Requisite in Appraisals of Postwar AviationPaul J Frizzell118
A Landing Gear "Yardstick" for Postwar Airport LayoutsJ H Geisse120
Beam of Sunshine Pierces Termination CloudsRaymond L Hoadley122
Jet Propulsion — From Fancy to Fact, IWilly Ley147
How Tax Policies Affect Our Industry’s FutureH L Federman190
Aviation Manufacturing
Aircraft Design Analysis No 4 — The A-20 HavocT R Smith125
Continuous Pouring of Magnesium Engine CastingsChester S Ricker150
Spotwelding Expedites Lockheed ConstellationEllis F Gardner161
Pressure Control in Aircraft Hydraulic Systems, I Edward M Greer &
Lt Comdr Harry J Marx
NACA — The Force Behind Our Air Supremacy175
These Horizontal Jigs Boost Aircraft Panel FabricationRalph H Ruud176
Aircraft Production Analysis —
Key to Assembly Line Efficiency, II
Loren F. Dorman179
Winning the War With Scrap184
Refrigerated Welding Tips Save Time and Money189
Aviation Sketch Book of Design Detail195
Aviation's Engineering Data Book203
Time Lag on Material Orders207
New Products and Practices245
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell304
Supercharged Ignition Cures "Rough Engine"209
"Master of Knack" is the Service Rep's Degree212
Fast-Action Portable Engine Heater217
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook219
One-Man Dolly Slashes Propeller-Mounting Time224
Air Transport
Cruise Control for Flying Efficiency, VIR Dixon Speas,
Jere T Farah and
Sanford Hinton
Precomputed Sunline Approaches
in Celestial Avigation
Capt James B Rea231
Giving Ground Officers Their Bearings
(Building the AAF, VI)
Esther Forbes233
Civil Operation & Training
NATA and ADMA Meet in St Louis239
Civil Operation and Training Shorts241
Flying Equipment
Plans of Miles X Transport Revealed240
Side Slips279
The Aviation News
…National Aviation281
…Washington Windsock285
…Calling Names287
…Aviation Manufacturing290
…Assembly Lines293
…Transport Aviation295
…Aviation Abroad297
…Financial Notes299
…Aviation People301
…Book Reviews303


Eleventh Annual Directory Number
Editorial: Jet Propulsion Spurs More Than Imaginations109
Aviation's War Communique No 26110
'43 Output Doubled the MiracleHerb Powell112
Five Hurdles to Helicopter PerfectionLou Leavitt115
…And Now the Jet-Propelled AirplaneE Eugene Miller116
Securities Gain  The Hard WayH L Federman117
Jet Propulsion — From Fancy to Fact, IIWilly Ley121
Pressure Control in Aircraft Hydraulic Systems, IIEdward M Greer and
Lt Comdr Harry J Marx
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail133
Aviation's Yearbook for 1944
Contents Page for Directory Section155
American and Foreign Military Aircraft —
Photographs, Silhouettes, and Descriptions
American Aircraft Specifications235
Foreign Aircraft Specifications237
Russian Aircraft — Specification Table239
American and Foreign Gliders — Specification Table239
American Aircraft Engines — Specification Tables240
Foreign Aircraft Engines — Specification Table242
Directory Section — Addresses, Personnel, Products
Aircraft Manufacturers264
Rotary Wing Aircraft267
Engine Manufacturers269
Glider Manufacturers269
Aviation Suppliers, Classified by Products275
Alphabetical List of Aviation Suppliers,
With Addresses and Personnel


Briefing for March5
Down the Years in Aviation's Log5
Editorial: Industry Must Lead in Relocating Workers107
Northrop’s Plan for Postwar Employee Re-locationLaMotte T Cohu108
Scott’s Plan for Reconverting Small War PlantsEarle M Scott110
How a Myriad Ideas Put More Planes Aloft QuickerJohn Foster, Jr112
Hard Facts for Future Stressed in IAS Annual Papers114
Here’s the "T" LoanRaymond L Hoadley115
Aviation Manufacturing
Aircraft Design Analysis No 5 — The Bristol Beaufighter117
AC vs DC in High Altitude AircraftR W Gemmel &
J C Cunningham
Masonite Dies Do A-1 Job142
Pertinent Problems in Electric Control DesignF W Hottenroth144
Postwar Aviation Techniques Spotlighted at SAE Meeting146
X-Rays Now Gage Propeller Blade ThicknessH P Moyer147
Analytic Geometry for Speedier Wing LoftingR W Feeney148
"Indian" Aerating Cools Plant Air, Curbs DustKneeland Jenkins150
Slide Films Promote Employee-Relations TrainingLynn S Metcalf155
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell186
Aviation's Engineering Data Book189
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail193
New Products and Practices201
Prime Axiom in Hydraulics Is — Banish DirtLt Comdr Harry J Marx156
Airlines Play Safe on Fire HazardsHerman Schlosser159
Fuel-Weight Measures for Better Flight PerformanceJames J Heatley162
Test Cells Key Engines for Full-Power Performance164
Northrop Contribution to Maintenance166
How the RCAF Prevents WasteJames Montagnes168
Aviation’s Maintenance Notebook170
Air Transport
Graphic Solutions to Celestial AvigationCapt James B Rea176
Cruise Control for Flying Efficiency, VIIR Dixon Speas,
Jere T Farah, &
Sanford Hinton
Building Those Battlefront Air BasesLt Comdr S J Mathis180
From Headwork to Helmsmanship
(Building the AAF, Part VII)
Side Slips185
The Aviation News
…National Aviation249
…War Communique No 27250
…Washington Windsock251
…Aviation Manufacturing256
…Calling Names255
…Transport Aviation263
…Aviation Abroad267
…Financial Notes269
…Aviation People271
…Book Reviews272


Briefing for April5
Down the Years in Aviation’s Log5
Editorial: For Low Priced Security —
A Powerful Postwar Air Force
Global Air Transport and the Flying Boat's RoleC H Schildhauer112
A Three-Way "Fix" on Aircraft MarketsE H Cargen and
L I Stosik
Hope for the Aircraft InvestorRaymond L Hoadley119
Aviation Manufacturing
Experimental Determination of Hull DisplacementErnest G Stout121
Key Considerations in Pressurized Cabin DesignDavid B Thurston 126
Metal Plus Plastic Makes New Aircraft Flooring130
Prop Troubles Nipped Before They Can BudChester S Ricker132
Approach to the Problem of
Radio Precipitation Static, I
C J Breitwieser 142
Analytic Geometry for Speedier Wing Lofting, IIR W Feeny145
Production Line Remedies for Hydraulics HeadachesComdr Harry J Marx 148
Methods for Forming Sheet Aluminum, I150
"Near Infrared" Cuts Bake-Dry-Preheat TimePaul H Krupp153
Stretch-Bend Unit Simplifies Metal WorkJ S Nielson and
C B Mitchell
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell185
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail191
Aviation's Engineering Data Book197
New Products and Practices221
The "A to Z" of Servicing Cuno Filters157
Field Maintenance of Bosch Magnetos164
Two Metalwork Units Do Work of Twenty168
Portable Pressure Tank Aids Pre-Oiling169
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook170
Air Transport
Looking Ahead to Air Cargo Markets, IRobert K Kinzel176
Bu1l’s-Eye Aim Makes 'Em Bombardiers
(Building the AAF, Part VIII)
Flying Equipment
Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle
Reconnaissance Bomber
Tony is Nips’ 109181
Civil Operation and Training
Along the Apron183
On Patrol183
Side Slips186
The Aviation News
…National Aviation201
…Calling Names202
…Washington Windsock203
…War Communique No 28204
…Aviation Manufacturing207
…Transport Aviation210
…Book Reviews213
…Aviation Abroad215
…Financia1 Notes217
…Aviation People219


Briefing for May5
Down the Years in Aviation's Log5
Editorial: The Critics Stand Refuted109
Here Are Your MarketsJohn Foster, Jr110
Now … "Packaged" AirportsJ L de Cubas116
A Ballot for the Flying BoatCapt C S Schildhauer119
I Saw Russia’s Air PowerGeorge D Ray122
Keying Market Research to the Aircraft IndustryE E Lathrop124
Aviation Manufacturing
Design Analysis No 6 The deHavilland MosquitoChester S Ricker127
Methods for Determining Airfoil Pressure Distribution Monroe A. Maller141
From Billet To Blade145
Approach to the Problem of Radio Precipitation Static, IIC J Breitwieser151
Graphic Simplifications in Computing True AirspeedRichard G Smith154
Precision Angle Plates “Bypass” Trigonometry156
Analytical Geometry for Speedier Wing Lofting, IIIR W Feeny162
Intercooling Problems in Airplane DesignHolley B Dickinson192
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell192
Aviation's Engineering Data Book195
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail199
New Products and Practices227
Equivalent Charts for Aircraft Plumbing Fittings —
They Speed Standardization at American Airlines
Air Transport Looking Ahead to Air Cargo Markets, IIRobert K Kinzel185
"Peashooters" Should be Troubleshooters, TooLt John S Miller, AC187
Civil Operation and Training
Airport Plus Resort Equals New Business190
Side Slips123
The Aviation News
…National Aviation205
…Washington Windsock209
…Calling Names210
…War Communique No 29213
…Aviation Manufacturing215
…Transport Aviation218
…Book Reviews219
…Aviation Abroad221
…Financial Notes223
…Aviation People225


Briefing for June5
Down the Years in Aviation's Log5
Editorial: A Unified Industry Writes Its Magna Charta107
America’s Prime Weapon — Carrier-Based AviationRear Adm
DeWitt C Ramsey
An American Air Power Policy112
Here are Your Markets, IIJohn. Foster, Jr114
The Economic Future of Aviation TechnologyFrederic Flader120
Aviation Manufacturing
Design Analysis No 6 The deHavilland Mosquito, IIChester S Ricker123
Let’s Make Instrument Flying EasierJean H Hamelet138
Automatic Flight and Airplane StabilityStephen J Zand140
Forged Cylinder Heads Require New Technique142
Load Characteristics of Cellulose Acetate PlasticWilliam N Findley146
Design Craftsmanship Cuts Engine Production CostsH S Golden150
Convair Machine Sorts 50,000 Rivets Hourly152
Methods for Forming Sheet Aluminum, II 154
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell195
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail197
Aviation's Engineering Data Book203
New Products and Practices233
New System Simplifies Engine CleaningT J Kearney161
Operation and Servicing of Zero-Lash Valve Lifter165
Steps in Servicing Champion Sparkplugs166
Progressive Line Methods Expedite Engine OverhaulJ R Horton172
Operation and Adjustment
of Marvel-Schebler Carburetors
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook178
Air Transport
Parks Student Airline Is the Real ThingGene Kropf182
Civil Operations and Training
Fly-Yourself is Big BusinessHoward Ailor184
Are Airline Stock Values Real?Raymond L Hoadley185
Flying Equipment
New Budd Steel Cargo Plane Has Unusual Features186
Design for Tomorrow — The Rocket A-75188
Captured Nazi Planes Yield Secrets189
Book Reviews195
Side Slips206
The Aviation News
…National Aviation209
…Washington Windsock213
…War Communique No 30214
…Aviation Manufacturing217
…Transport Aviation221
…Aviation Abroad225
…Financial Notes227
…Aviation People228


Briefing for July5
Down the Years in Aviation's Log5
Editorial: The Invasion Spotlighted
Our Need: To Stay Armed
Boeing B-29 SuperfortressHerb Powell110
Quality Plus Quantity Made D-day Possible111
The Blitzkrieg Goes to SeaVice Adm
John S McCain
How Women Flyers Fight Russia’s Air WarMadelin Blitzstein116
Here Are Your Markets, IIIJohn Foster, Jr118
Aviation Research — Engineering — Production
Design Analysis No 7,
William R Nelson127
Fan Cooling “Ups” Engine PerformanceKenneth Campbell148
Tooling Dock Technique
Saves Time, Speeds Accuracy, I
Leland A Bryant152
So You’re Going To Pressurize?Charles W Morris155
Hole Piercing Proves Faster — And CheaperHerbert Chase161
Load Characteristics of Cellulose Acetate Plastic, IIWilliam N Findley164
Methods for Forming Sheet Aluminum, III166
Electronics Smooth Supercharging168
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail203
Aviation's Engineering Data Book209
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell212
New Products and Practices242
Aviation Maintenance
How to Get Top Efficiency From Your Vacuum Pumps171
Rebuilding the Clippers175
Inspection and Top Overhaul on the FranklinF B Chadwick178
"On and Off" Speed is Aeroprop Feature180
Service Steps for the Eisemann MagnetoE J Goggins183
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook185
Air Transport
Three International Policies — Which Will We Have?A A Hartsinck190
Civil Operations and Training
Contracts With Minors Can BoomerangLeslie Childs192
Southwest Airways Flies 1,000,000 Training Hours195
Industry's Sales Soar…But Not ProfitsRaymond L Hoadley197
Flying Equipment
New Auxiliary Engine Gives More Power-Per-Pound199
Book Reviews210
Side Slips235
The Aviation News
…National Aviation213
…War Communique No 31217
…Washington Windsock219
…Aviation Manufacturing221
…Transport Aviation225
…Aviation Abroad228
…Financial Notes231
…Aviation People233


Briefing for August
Down the Years in Aviation's Log5
Editorial: Realism and the Personal Plane Market115
Teaching the First Helicopter PilotsC L “Les” Morris116
The Economic Future of Aviation Technology, IIFrederic Flader118
Where Are Those Marketing Plans?John H Frederick121
Aviation Research — Engineering — Production
Design Analysis No 8,
Hall L Hibbard123
Boeing’s New Wind Tunnel Accelerates ResearchWellwood E Beall148
Takeoff Analysis for Flying Boats and Seaplanes, IErnest G Stout150
Plant-Practice Highlights154
A Method for Calculating Weights of New FlapsJohn B Scalzi155
Fan Cooling "Ups" Engine Performance, IIKenneth Campbell156
This Aircraft Heater Won't Blow OutEd C Power160
Hole Piercing Proves Faster — and Cheaper, IIHerbert Chase161
Load Characteristics of Cellulose Acetate Plastic, IIIWilliam N Findley163
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail197
Aviation's Engineering Data Book203
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell229
New Products and Practices232
Aviation Maintenance
How to Look After Those AerolsEdward E Thorp167
At Hoosier Airport They Like Problems170
AAF Devises All-Purpose Loosening Tool173
Long Life for Your Wooden Props174
Hot-Doping Problems Solved by New PlasticR H Natwick178
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook179
Air Transport
It Takes a Flight EngineerJ A Wahle and
Hugh Courdin
Addendum to Graphic Solutions to Celestial AvigationB M Compton186
Civil Operations and Training
Air Schools Lay Pattern for Postwar Traffic TechniqueWilliam D Strohmeier192
Military Robot Engine-Tutor Talks BackRobert I Colin195
What Price Stocks Now That Cutbacks Are Here?Raymond L Headley206
Book Reviews229
Side Slips230
The Aviation News
…National Aviation209
…War Communique No 32213
…Washington Windsock215
…Aviation Manufacturing217
…Transport Aviation221
…Financial Notes223
…Aviation Abroad224
…Aviation People227


Briefing for September5
Down the Years in Aviation;s Log5
Editorial: Aircraft Distribution Enters a NEW Era107
Airpower Can Mean National SecurityJ Carlton Ward108
And a Child Shall Fly ThemIrving Stone110
Making the Airport a Business CenterMelvin H Nuss112
"Grasshoppers" Go to WarBlaine Stubblefield114
Merchandising Goes Beyond the SaleAlfred B Bennett116
Aviation Research — Engineering — Production
For Better Design119
High Frequency AC "Ups" Motor PerformanceJ D Miner123
Machmeter Measures Safe Top Speeds128
Save Money By Spending it —
On Flaps and Retractable Gear
Ralph H Upson130
Takeoff Analysis for Flying Boats and Seaplanes, IIErnest G Stout132
Automatic Riveting Realizes Manufacturing EconomiesPaul Wise139
Low Temperature Welding Expedites RepairsClinton L Swift142
Development of Reduced Voltage Motor ControllersJames F Carland
and P R Watson
Flange Rolling Improves Quality, Speeds Output146
New Machine Assures Drawing AccuracyLyle H Pierce148
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail183
Aviation's Engineering Data Book193
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell197
New Products and Practices224
Aviation Maintenance
Hard Working Hydraulic Pumps Warrant Careful ServiceEdward E Thorp151
Aircraft Tubing Requires Careful InstallationR A Livingston156
Winter Maintenance in AlaskaR O Cary160
Preventive Maintenance Keeps Motors RunningB H Wright and
W W McCullough
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook164
Air Transport
Confusion in CanadaKeith Edgar168
Astralidade…For Fast Position Finding173
Civil Operations and Training
A New Approach to Flight Instruction TechniqueJohn H Geisse174
His Honor SaysLeo T Parker177
Getting the "Gravel Grinder's" Viewpoint179
Flying Equipment
Shape of Things to ComeGeorge H Miles181
Clue to the Course of Air Carrier StocksRaymond L Hoadley188
Book Reviews197
Side Slips223
The Aviation News
…National Aviation199
…War Communique No 33204
…Washington Windsock205
…Aviation Manufacturing207
…Transport Aviation213
…Financial Notes217
…Aviation Abroad219
…Aviation People221


Briefing for October5
Down the Years in Aviation's Log5
Editorial: Research Can Keep the Peace113
Research for SecurityMaj Gen Follett Bradley
and R Gillmor
Put Those Surplus Plants to WorkClinton R Harrower116
More Airports for the Personal FlyerCharles I Stanton118
Our Navy Builds Flat-Top MasteryRear Adm E L Cochrane120
Ames Laboratory…New NACA PinnacleWilliam F Durand123
Marketing How Will Postwar Planes Be Sold?James A Wales, Jr124
Aviation Research — Engineering — Production
Design Analysis No 9, the Focke-Wulf 190John Foster, Jr and
Chester S Ricker
Bullet-Checking Plastic for Pressure-Plane GlazingG M Kuettel153
Favoring the Classical in Flying Boat HydrostaticsW S Griffey159
High Frequency AC "Ups" Motor Performance, IIJ D Miner164
Plant Practice Highlights167
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail197
For Better Design203
Aviation's Engineering Data Book211
Bell's Jet-Propelled P-59A Airacomet213
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell215
New Products and Practices244
Aviation Maintenance
Here's the Prescription to Keep Mags Sparking169
Hot. Doping Spreads OverhaulsRalph Hall and
Thomas Perry
The System for Servicing Hydraulic Unloader Valves178
This Fabric Tester Takes Out the Guesswork181
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook182
Air Transport
New Latin America Requires New ThinkingCharles Carroll184
Flying Equipment
Landgraf Helicopter Has Unique Design FeaturesWm R Nelson186
Gliders Have Changed War TacticsMaj Eliot F Noyes193
Civil Operations and Training
Navitrainer Teaches Dead Reckoning Accuracy194
Don’t Put a Boy on Man-Sized TerminationsRaymond L Hoadley208
Book Reviews215
Side Slips243
The Aviation News
…National Aviation217
…War Communique No 34221
…Washington Windsock223
…Aviation Manufacturing225
…Transport Aviation231
…Aviation Abroad237
…Financial Notes239
…Aviation People241


Briefing for November5
Down the Years in Aviation's Log5
Editorial: It Takes Human Relations109
Contract Termination — Key to Air Power and SecurityJ Carlton Ward, Jr110
Give ’Em the Data…And They’ll Fix It — FastDick D Moyer112
The Economic Future of Aviation Technology, IIIFrederic Flader113
What’s Ahead for the Helicopter?C L “Les” Morris116
Wright Aeronautical Marks 25th Birthday118
Curtiss-Wright Presents Postwar Transport120
A Place for the Distributor in Aircraft. Accessory SalesArthur S Brown121
What Kind of Instruments for the Personal Plane?Frederick H Smith122
Aviation Research — Engineering — Production
Basic Drives for HelicoptersJoseph S Pecker125
Better Fuel Tanks Made Faster134
Analysis of Continuous Beams
Having Variable Moments of Inertia
Donald A duPlantier137
Suspension Mount Controls Instrument Vibration139
Mass Machining Features Buick ShortcutsHerbert Chase141
How the Hydraulic Fuse Promotes Flight Safety144
Nomographs Facilitate Sheet Metal LayoutB Mattson Compton146
New Method Banishes Wire-Stripping Risks148
Plant-Practice Highlights150
For Better Design195
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail201
Aviation's Engineering Data Book207
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell210
New Products and Practices241
Aviation Maintenance
A Plane is as Fit as Its FinishJohn Brennan
and Ralph Hall
ATSC Tools Save Time, Equipment156
System Makes the Difference in Instrument Overhaul159
Lockheed's New Service Forms162
Snow Doesn't Ground RCAF164
Quick-Disconnect Simplifies Battery ChangesDon A Davis166
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook167
Air Transport
Airmail Goes RFDEdward E Thorp170
How Calculated Cruising Foolproofs
Long-Range Flights
James B Rea178
Airspeed-Dial Device Simplifies Range ProcedureCharles A Mobley181
Civil Operations
Mexico Offers Flyers Thin Air…And OpportunitiesJuan Nolan C182
Parks Plane-Buying Plan Combines
Time Payments, Insurance
Canada Sets Up Beam-Approach Flight SchoolJames Montagnes187
China and US Chip In for New High In Cooperation189
Flying Equipment
Design and Construction of Nazi V-1 Flying BombChester S Ricker190
Preview of Coming Airline FinancingRaymond L Hoadley192
Book Reviews210
Side Slips239
The Aviation News
…National Aviation215
…War Communique No 35219
…Washington Windsock221
…Aviation Manufacturing223
…Transport Aviation227
…Aviation Abroad233
…Financial Notes235
…Aviation People237


8th Annual Maintenance Issue
Briefing for December5
Down the Years in Aviation's Log5
Editorial: Progress Has Been Made115
Gas Turbines for Tomorrow’s SuperpowerG Geoffrey Smith116
This Is Our Air Policy — So Far119
Keep Those Contract Schools GoingEarl D Prudden120
Marketing Here's Your Local MarketFrank S Christian122
Hang Your Shirt On a Star125
Aviation's Maintenance Awards for 1944
…To United Air Lines128
…To Chicago & Southern Air Lines129
Special Maintenance Feature Articles130-152
Supercharged Harness Cures Ignition TroublesEdward E Thorp130
Prospectus for Postwar ServiceReagan C Stunkel132
More Seals Up…More Costs Down135
Standardized Maintenance Means
More Fixed Base Business
C C Moseley136
Attaining Bearing CleanlinessHudson T Morton138
TWA Gets Double Benefits From Shop-Built Mockups141
IF You Can't Buy It, Build It — BetterGeorge Warde144
It's What You Do Before It Snows146
Service SNAFU Nipped in the Bud149
Fix-It School on WheelsWm J Hargest152
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook155-169
Special Sling Handles Both Engines and Nacelle155
DC-3 Strut Checker Simplifies Procedure156
Special Bench Speeds Cowl Flap Repair156
One Man Handles This Simplified Brake Bleeder157
Gas Truck Hose Winder Features Braced Crank158
Hinged Holder Prevents Cord-Plug Troubles158
Guard Protects Operator From Falling Loads159
Nuts Employed in Stud Removal160
New Plastic Runway Light Extends Above Snow Level160
Artificial Horizon Tester Checks Time and Pressure160
Portable Pre-Oiler Rig "Doubles" for Pressure Work161
Oil Filler Screen Roller Expedites Repair Work161
Conduit Winder Brings Economies162
Router Caliper Prevents Mistakes162
Special Scoresby Tests Gyro Horizon or Bank & Turn163
Valve Refacer Has Special Features163
Engine-Cowling Bench Aids in Riveting154
Grommet Stretcher Speeds Production164
Soviets Use Truck Rig As Starting Booster165
Rubber-Stretching Jimmy Saves Hands165
Shock-Strut Oiler Bleeds and Fills at Once166
Hammer Attachment for Right-Angle Riveting166
GI Sergeant Builds Time-Saving Tire Remover167
Simple Dial Unit Checks Bearings167
DC-3 Healer Mockup Simplifies Instruction168
Coiler Device Makes Odd-Size Springs168
Special Sorter Saves 17,000 Rivets Hourly168
Oil Radiator Washer Banishes Foreign Matter169
Rivet Remover Is Handy Tool169
How Taps Are Saved by Plastic Extension169
Aviation Research — Engineering — Production
Compressibility Calls a ChallengeCostas Ernest Pappas171
Pre-Viewing Tomorrow’s Metal DesignsChester S Ricker176
Heavy Duty Runway Built by New TechniquesRhodes R Rule
and John F L Bate
Plant-Practice Highlights180
Aviation's Engineering Data Book207
For Better Design197
Aviation's Sketch Book of Design Detail203
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell208
New Products. and Practices241
Flying Equipment
Boeing’s Model 377 Stratocruiser181
Republic Presents Personal Amphibian182
Handley Page Bid for Transport Market183
Air Transport
Give Operators More Cruise-Control DataJames B Rea184
When You”re Planning Payloads —James J Heatley186
Aircraft Stocks Climb Out of Bear PitRaymond L Hoadley187
Repairing 'Round the World188
Civil Operations
Service and a Paintbrush Bring
and Hold New Business
William D Strohmeier 194
Book Reviews208
Side Slips239
The Aviation News
…National Aviation217
…War Communique No 36221
…Washington Windsock223
…Aviation Manufacturing224
…Transport Aviation227
…Aviation Abroad233
…Financial Notes235
…Aviation People237