Briefing for January5
Down the Years in Aviation’s Log5
Editorial: Take Eldon, For Instance —39
Private Enterprise Fights to Keep FlyingH Bowden Fletcher40
Aviation Research - Engineering - Production
…Design Analysis
of the General Electric I-16 Jet Engine
Maj Rudolph C Schulte43
…Design Analysis
of the General Electric I-40 Jet Engine
Dale D Streid51
…Design Analysis
of the Westinghouse 19-B Yankee Turbojet
John Foster, Jr60
The Engineering Behind That 606-MPH MeteorA H Narracott69
…The Rocket's Future Influence
on Transport Designs
Dr Martin Summerfield73
…How Nazis’ Walter Engine
Pioneered Manned Rocket-Craft
Roy Healy77
Laminated Window Designs Forecast
by Plastic Domes
Leonard M Purdue
and George E Hughes
Designing Tomorrow’s Personal Plane, VIIRalph H Upson84
New 2,500-HP Engine Features
Lightness, Accessibility
Plant Practice Highlights91
For Better Design115
Review of PatentsA Harry Crowell120
Aviation’s Engineering Data Book123
Aviation’s Sketchbook of Design Detail125
New Products and Practices153
Aviation Maintenance
When Jones Says "My Radio's On the Blink"William A Burroughs, III92
Safe Landings Demand Safe TiresA C Martin96
Aviation's Maintenance Notebook98
Field Operations
Pilots: Know the Knack of Survival After Force-Down101
Mobile Dual Refueler Affords High-Rate ServiceThomas H McConnell105
Tagging the Bases106
Aviation Sales & Service
Wanted: Aircraft and Accessory RetailersArthur S. Brown107
Selling Block Time Through Gift CertificatesRobert L Fli108
Nobody Loves a Hot PilotCharles A Parker109
Engine-Stock Position Stronger Than IndicatedRaymond L Hoadley131
Recent Books120
Side Slips133
The Aviation News
…National Aviation135
…Coming Up135
…Washington Windsock138
…Aviation Manufacturing139
…Transport Aviation142
…Aviation Abroad147
…Aviation Finance149
…Aviation People153


Thirteenth Annual Directory Issue
Briefing for February5
Down the Years in Aviation’s Log5
Editorial: Personal Planes Must Not Be as Lethal as Autos71
Our Industry’s Records and Ranges72
Financial Yardsticks for ’46Raymond L Hoadley76
Canada’s Air Industry Is Really Ready for BusinessJames Montagnes78
Australian Aircraft Builders Primed for Salient RoleH Bowden Fletcher80
Aviation Sales & Service
It’ll Pay You to Promote Lightplane InsuranceR L Templeton82
Field Operations
First Step is Choosing the Right Business SetupCharles A Parker84
Tagging the Bases86
American Personal Aircraft88-109
American & Foreign Transport Aircraft110-123
American and Foreign Bombers124-126
American and Foreign Fighters127-132
American Guided Missiles133
American Engine Specification Tables134
American Aircraft Specification Tables135-136
Foreign Aircraft Specification Tables137-138
American Helicopters139-141
American Helicopter Specification Tables142
American and Foreign Turbojet Specification Tables142
Directory of Key Personnel of
American Aircraft and Helicopter Manufacturers
Aviation’s Showplace of Accessories and Field Units144-154
Special Expanded Sketchbook of Design Detail159-169
Aviation Research - Engineering - Production
Radio-Controlled Dynamic Models
Augment Hydrodynamic Research
E G Stout171
Aviation’s Sketchbook of Design Detail159
New Products and Practices183
…Information Tips183
…Machinery & Accessories186
…Shop Equipment & Materials190
…Electrical Appliances193
…Aircraft Parts & Field Units195
The Aviation News
…National Aviation174
…Aviation Manufacturing177
…Transport Aviation179
…Aviation Abroad181


Briefing for March5
Down the Years In Aviation’s Log5
Editorial: "Hap" Arnold37
"Yes" Votes for That AirportMidge Winters38
Aero Gains Underscored as IAS Convenes Technicians42
Aviation Sales & Service
Plane Marketing Pivots on Specialized Sales TrainingV C Rasmussen44
Field Operations
Don’t "Get Stuck" for DamagesRobert F Carroll45
System Saves $$$ at the AirportCharles A Parker46
Tagging the Bases97
Flying Equipment
Four-Place Personal Design Features
Novel Structural Ideas
Texas Firm Tests Roadable; Also Has Medium Transport51
Versatile Aerocar Offered by British52
One-Place Co-Axial 'Copter Completed by Roteron53
Aviation Research - Engineering - Production
Design Analysis of BMW-003 TurbojetMaj Rudolph C Schulte55
Designing Ducting Systems
to Gain Better Turbojet Performance
J S Alford 69
Exhaust Ejector Improves Both
Turbo Cooling and Propulsion
W O Meckley74
Designing Tomorrow’s Personal Plane, VIIIRalph H Upson76
[ Comprehensive Chronology Of British Turbojet Developments … by John Foster, Jr78 ]
Controlled-Stage Process Finish-Forges Turbojet BladesC E Wilderman81
Landing Analysis for Flying Boats and Seaplanes, IVE G Stout84
For Better Design: Engine Reliability Enhanced
by “Stresscoat” Analysis, II
Chester S Ricker86
Aviation’s Engineering Data Book100
Aviation's Sketchbook of Design Detail107
Review of Patents113
New Products and Practices133
Aviation Maintenance
Engine Disassembly Is More Than Tearing DownE F Lindsley89
Aviation’s Maintenance Notebook92
Prop-Nosed Dual-Jet XP-81 Put Through AAF Trials95
W-P ls Promising Plan to Augment Export EffortsRaymond L Headley99
Side Slips105
Recent Books113
The Aviation News
…National Aviation115
…Coming Up115
…Washington Windsock119
…Aviation Manufacturing120
…Transport Aviation123
…Aviation Abroad124
…Aviation Finance127
…Aviation People129


Briefing for April5
Down the Years in Aviation’s Log5
Editorial: Here’s a Vital Step Toward
an Air Power Policy
Action on That Air Policy Is the No 1 MustEugene E Wilson38
"Rank Cargo Carriers On Their Own"John H Frederick41
Aviation Sales & Service
Service Begins At the FactoryL B Nelson44
Field Operations
Know Where Those Dollars AreCharles A Parker46
All-In-One Mapigator Simplifies That Flight Plot50
Tagging the Bases51
As the Operators See It52
Investment Trusts See Worthy Future
In Aviation Securities
Raymond L Hoadley53
Aviation Research - Engineering - Production
For Better Design: Skyraider’s High Performance
Stems From Pin-Point Designing
E H Heinemann55
Composite-Engine Aircraft — As a Basic ConceptionRobert B Johnston
and Hayden S Gordon
How Flight Detonation Testing Keys
Engine-Fuel Performance
Robert J Clark and
Richard M Adams
Wider Operating Scope Attained
by New Automatic Pilot
Raymond N Greif 68
Strain Analysis Quickly. Finds Formability LimitsGeorge Gerard73
Peacetime Cost Estimating Requires
New Learning Curves
Gardner W Carr76
Illustrated Chronology of British Turbojet DevelopmentsJohn Foster, Jr78
Aviation’s Engineering Data Book103
Aviation’s Sketchbook of Design Detail105
New Products and Practices129
Aviation Maintenance
Lehigh’s Extra Service Keeps Bringing 'Em BackEdward E Thorp82
Aviation’s Maintenance Notebook87
Republic Unveils Speedy XP-84 Jetplane90
Flying Equipment
Luscombe Testing Low-Wing One-Placer91
Two-Control Sky Skooter is Thorp Entry93
Ross Sport Plane Set For Production95
Kaiser-Hammond Presents Metal Two-Control Pusher97
Gemini Four-Placer is Miles’ Latest99
Harvey Travelplane ls New Roadable Project100
Side Slips111
Recent Books146
The Aviation News
…National Aviation113
…Coming Up113
…Washington Windsock117
…Aviation Manufacturing118
…Transport Aviation121
…Aviation Abroad123
…Aviation Finance125
…Aviation People127



Briefing for June5
Down the Years in Aviation’s Log5
Editorial: Here’s an "Or Else"
for the Lightplane Business
"Crossroads" CritiqueHerb Powell38
Can We Catch Up in Rocket Research?E J Tangerman40
Aviation Finance
Sound Financial Status Braces Industry ReadjustmentRaymond L Hoadley42
Field Operations
What Does It Actually Cost to Fly Your Plane?Charles A Parker44
Highest Seaplane Base Turns Away BusinessEdward E Thorp47
Ways & Means48
Tagging the Bases49
As the Operators See It50
Aviation Sales & Service
Real Sales Clincher Is the Follow-UpK H Holmgren51
Aviation Electronics
New Techniques Nullify Static52
Aviation Research - Engineering - Production
Simplifying Personal Plane Design, IRalph H Upson55
Design and Flight Characteristics
of the Flettner Fl-282 Helicopter
Plant Practice Highlights65
Design Details of Metro-Vickers F/3 TurbojetJohn Foster Jr66
Instrument Research Demands Unremitting EffortsCharles H Colvin68
Develop Potent Rocket Engine
for Navy’s Supersonic Planes
Liquid Mass Measurement Ups Fuel Gaging AccuracyCarl H Odell72
Unit System of Ignition Aims at Better Performance74
Instrument Shock Mount Adapted for Personal Planes75
Case For The Full Pneumatic System, IIJames L Dooley76
Strain Analysis Quickly Finds Formability Limits, IIGeorge Gerard81
Aviation’s Sketchbook of Design Detail97
For Better Design103
Aviation’s Engineering Data Book107
New Products and Practices131
Aviation Maintenance
Controllable Lightplane Prop
is Easily Adjusted and Serviced
Aviation’s Maintenance Notebook86
Flying Equipment
R I Firm Develops Two New Utility ’Copters91
Meyers Grooming Fast Two-Placer92
French SO-30R Bellatrix Is Swift New Airliner93
Heavily Gunned XA-41 Was Groomed
as Ground Strafer
Side Slips109
Recent Books146
The Aviation News
…National Aviation111
…Coming Up111
…Washington Windsock115
…Aviation Manufacturing117
…Transport Aviation121
…Aviation Abroad125
…Aviation Finance127
…Aviation People129





Briefing for October5
Down the Years in Aviation's Log5
Editorial: Peace Through Realism37
Putting Your Community On the AirmapGeorge Tenney38
Selling In the Export MarketRaymond L Hoadley42
Aircrew Evaluation Plan Means More Bomb HitsCol William H Blanchard
and Scholer Bangs
Aviation Sales & Service
Oil Company Aid For the Airport OperatorF R Brine47
Aviation Maintenance
Engine Conversion Line Is New Base Activity48
Portable Electrical Tester Insures
Quick Airliner Checks
Aviation’s Maintenance Notebook50
Aviation Research - Engineering - Production
Comfort Can Be Compatible With Design EfficiencyWilliam L Lewis55
Standardized Airframe Assembly FixturesLee Worley60
Launching Aircraft ElectricallyM F Jones62
Spotwelding Technique for Primary Structures, IFrederick S Dever66
Aircraft Acoustical Problems
and Possible Solutions, IV
K R Jackman69
Practical Engineering of Rotary Wing Aircraft, IVPaul H Stanley74
For Better Design
Aviation's Sketchbook of Design Detail91
Aviation’s Engineering Data Book97
Review of PatentsElton H Brown, Jr99
New Products and Practices117
Aviation Electronics
Electronic Control of Plane in Landing Approach80
Flying Equipment
Stratofreighter Cargo Hauler Designed by Boeing81
Four-Seat Waco Aristocraft is Novel Pusher82
Cleveland Firm Developing Duckling
Personal Amphib
Three Diverse 'Copters Make First Flights85
Lockheed Unveils Constitution
as Giant New Navy Transport
Field Operations
Tap Those Sources of Air Charter BusinessCharles A Parker87
Tagging the Bases89
As the Operators See It89
Recent Books99
Side Slips101
The Aviation News
…National Aviation 103
…Coming Up103
…Washington Windsock107
…Aviation Manufacturing109
…Transport Aviation111
…Aviation Abroad113
…Aviation People115