Japan Is Not an Air PowerLeonard Engel12
Flying FunnymanEdward Churchill15
Fixed Guns vs FreeRobert A Winston16
Controls, UnlimitedNicholas N Plasterer18
Airport in the BlueEdward S Marshall21
Movie SoldiersAlexander McSurely22
Flight Instruction Under ControlGeorge R. Reiss26
Seagoing Scouts (full page photograph)29
Solo from the StartJohn R. Hoyt30
Three Dimension WarJames L H Peck32
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 20Alma Heflin35
Sky-High FreightKurt Rand36
Proficient ProfessorGeorge E Jones39
The GuideWesley Carly40
PatriarchPascal Cowan43
Airline South of SouthMaj Arturo Meneses44
AOPA News47
Data Book49-52
Want a Job?William Hurd Harrell53
Control Surface MechanismsRaoul J Hoffman55
Have You Seen?56


New Eagles for the Army Leonard Engel14
Trainer and Roost (full page photograph) 17
I Ae SE Jay Doherty18
Big BaseE D James21
So You Want to Start a Flying ClubGeorge R Reiss22
Let's Defend What We Have!James Bassett, Jr24
Wings Up the RiverMervin Rosenbush27
Pilot With an IdeaEdward Churchill29
Aviation Invades DetroitRobert S Ball30
High-Flyin' Hector Joseph W Morgan32
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 21Lieut Robert L Scott35
They Wanted WingsKurt Rand36
Passenger HavenDonald O Herty39
Smart SergeantAlexander McSurely41
Jobs GuaranteedJohn H Pinkerman42
Night Bombardment — With a CameraRobert S Johanson 44
HomerHarold Marquis47
Mlle InstructorA D Stuebing49
AOPA News51
Data Book53
Want a Job?Hurd Barrett55
Propeller Design FactorsRaoul J Hoffman 57
Have You Seen?58


An Analysis of Captured Nazi WarplanesDeWitt Wendell14
The RAF vs the Axis18-23
Plastic Planes Are NextA W Bernsohn24
Littlest LineEdward Churchill26
We Buy a Used PlaneJack Rowley29
The CPTPVirginia Withington31
The Negro Is FlyingManning Austin32
Hero from WinonaBetty L McKelvey35
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 22Capt Fred Smith37
Flying StampsEdward Clarke38
On Guard!Harold Keen40
"Flight 14"MacDonald Hays42
The Stall and the TurnF Guilmartin45
Want a Job?Hurd Barrett47
Build an Aerial CameraS A Grugan48
Data Book 51-52
AOPA News53
You Don't Say!54
Aircraft RadiatorsRaoul J Hoffman55
Have You Seen?56


Dive BomberEnsign Seymour Kail14
Air Depot 17
The War to Date18
Ground School — Minus BooksJohn R Hoyt22
Phenomenal FlivverJohn C A Watkins26
Pilots — Mass ProductionHeinrich Haupt28
High BabesE Jay Doherty31
Britain's Aerial OutpostJames Bassett, Jr32
Hornets' NestAlma Heflin35
Are Army Flying Cadet Standards Too Severe?Bishop and Lambert36
The Ladies Do the WorkHelen Waterhouse38
Gyro GuideWilliam P. Lear40
Ultra-High for the FutureDeWitt Wendell42
All-Out Dead ReckoningLieut T C Gillmer43
I Learned About Flying From That! — No 23Gus Doppes45
Mountain FlyerJ Clarence Moore46
The Bush Flyers Carry OnMorton L Bennet48
Want a Job?Hurd Barrett49
You Don't Say!49
Data Book51
Calculation of RangeRaoul J Hoffman53
Have You Seen?54


[ Issue missing ]


How America Will Strike!Col H A Toulmin, Jr14
Smoke JumpersLieut Robert H Rankin18
Traffic Under ControlJohn N Becker21
Lend-Lease PilotsLeigh Culley23
Tomorrow's Sky BattleshipsJoseph S Edgerton24
The Home Builder Bows OutLeslie L Long27
"Captured: One Junkers" Sherman B Altick29
One-Fourth of a Horse31
Air Defense 'Down Under'James Basset, Jr32
Flyin' Sheep SalesmanClint Shirley35
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 26Russ Johnston37
Air Corps TechRichard Martin38
Radio and the Private FlyerCharles J Schauers41
Yanks in CanadaEdward Churchill43
Blackout FactoryAdam Yacenda44
Navy GreaseballVern A Miller46
Young Man MoseKurt Rand49
Want a Job?Hurd Barrett51
Flying DirectorFrank Cunningham52
AOPA News53
Preliminary Aircraft DesignH R Foottit55
Aircraft EnclosuresRaoul J Hoffman57
Have You Seen?58


Ten Air Power Lessons for AmericaMaj Alexander P de Seversky14
Aerial Vanguards of the PacificJames Bassett, Jr16
Private WarplanesAllen Greenwood19
Air Photos ForbiddenGeorge R Reiss21
How High Is Up?Michael Amrine22
Models in the Air CorpsDouglas J Ingells24
Is Your Flying Safe?James L H Peck27
Bostons for Britain29
Fly by the StarsWilliam W Ehrner30
Sonora Argosy.Gold & Dixon 33
Wood Comes BackWard Hill35
When Warbirds RoostJames Ellis36
Air LighthousesStair & Lewis38
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 27Capt Charles J Daly41
If You Were an Airline PresidentGeoffrey Gordon42
The Rise and Fall of China's AirlinesEdward Churchill44
How Fast the Turn?John R Hoyt47
Sky-Touring in CanadaJames Montagnes48
Want a Job?Hurd Barrett49
Flight ClubRobert de Roos50
Lucky WigginsDean Jennings53
Backwoods AceLeverett G.Richards55
AOPA News57
Rockets vs PropellersRaoul J Hoffman59
Have You Seen?60


Why the Luftwaffe Will LoseArchduke Franz Joseph14
Airline Test PilotMacDonald Hays16
Fledglings' TimetableLeRoy Gregg18
Fish PatrolMcDonald White20
Flight for the GroundlingE D Ward23
Miracle MerchantsWilliam Winter24
After the WarThomas H Corpe27
Soar for the FutureComm. Eugene F McDonald28
Pilot — Stray Not Into MexicoRalph H Miner30
Sky HospitalLieut Robert H Rankin32
The Library34
Standard Terms for NavigationComm P V H Weems34
How Safe ls Your Airplane?Dwight Swain35
Problem PilotsFrank Lambert37
Mae's the BossCharles A Hunt39
Plant PlannerKurt Rand40
Toys for the WarJames Montagnes42
Ice BoxHelen Waterhouse43
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 28Ensign J C Bower, Jr45
Cross SectionsB R Owen46
Blimps for Uncle SamN E Stell47
Pushers for TomorrowRobert L Brown49
The Good Ship EmmanuelH D Robards51
AOPA News53
Experimental Wind TunnelsRaoul J Hoffman55
Have You Seen?56


Special US Army Air Forces issue
IntroductionHon Robert A Lovett33
Why an Air Force?Col Robert Olds34
The Army Air Forces Defend the Americas (map)35
History of the Air ForcesMarguerite Jacobs Heron 40
The Combat CommandLieut Gen Delos C Emmons45
BombardmentLieut Col Harold L George47
PursuitMaj Hoyt Vandenberg53
The Lockheed P-38 (color photograph)55
ReconnaissanceLieut Col Howard A Craig63
The US Army Air CorpsMaj Gen George H Brett 67
Pilots and Air CrewsBrig Gen Davenport Johnson69
Ground CrewsMaj J L Loutzenheiser 72
Color Section75
The Materiel DivisionMaj Gen Oliver P Echols83
Experimental EngineeringLieut Col Frank O Carroll84
Aero MedicalMaj Otis O Benson, Jr87
ArmamentMaj Franklin C Wolfe91
RadioMaj George V Holloman95
PhotographyLieut Col George W Goddard98
Aviation Salon99
MeteorologyLieut Richard Arnold, Jr110
ParachutesFrank G Manson113
Power Plants and PropellersLieut Col Edwin R Page116
Production EngineeringLieut Col Kenneth B Wolfe118
Maintenance CommandBrig Gen Henry J F Miller120
Cargo and TransportMaj Murray C Woodbury124
Air BasesCol F M Kennedy125
For Identification (silhouettes)131
US Warplanes AbroadBrig Gen Martin F Scanlon134
Air Forces PublicityLieut Col Arthur I Ennis135
Winged WarfareMaj Gen H H Arnold
and Col Ira C Eaker


[ Issue missing ]


[ Issue missing ]


Stop Japan Now!James R Young14
The Netherlands Indies Are ReadyMaj Gen L H van Oyen18
Tin BlimpJohn W Higgins21
'Cooked' CraftI N Terry23
Beryllium: Heart of Tomorrow's AirplaneCharles T Malone24
Preparedness TechSpencer Nixon26
Ads in the SkyKurt Rand28
ProphetM S Lord 31
Our Warplanes Are BestBrig Gen George C Kenney32
A New Fabric-Attachment MethodCourtney Randall35
From HeadquartersBy Lieut Col Harold E Hartney36
Lapsed LicenseLewin B Barringer37
Airport Dollars and SenseA W Bernsohn38
Pilot — Your EyesDr James N Schaller42
The Pylon EightJohn R Hoyt45
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 31Devon Francis46
He Flies the RangeAlma Heflin47
The RAF in the USADonn Hale Munson48
How to Determine RangePeyton Autry51
Have You Seen?52
Stewardesses WantedJack Day54