Special US Naval Aviation issue
Foreword William B Ziff24
Aviation and the NavyCol Frank Knox25
Our ResponsibilityArtemus L Gates26
Naval Operations and AviationAdm Harold R Stark27
History of Naval AviationJoy Bright Hancock29
The Bureau of AeronauticsRear Adm John H. Towers34
Color Section35
VPB — The Patrol BomberRear Adm John S McCain51
VF — The FighterLieut Comm John B Pearson, Jr57
VT — The Torpedo PlaneLieut Comm Steadman Teller63
VSB — The Scout BomberLieut Comm J N Murphy67
VOS-VSO — Observation and ScoutingLieut Comm M K Fleming, Jr71
VJ — The Utility PlaneComm C T Durgin76
Training the Naval AviatorCapt A C Read79
Naval Aviation Recruiting Poster 82A
The MarinesCol Ralph J Mitchell85
The Naval Flight SurgeonCapt J R Poppen91
Lighter-Than-AirComm S E Peck94
Salon Section99
CV — The Carrier Vice Adm William F Halsey115
The Coast GuardRear Adm Russell R Waesche121
The Naval Aircraft FactoryCapt E M Pace, Jr128
MaintenanceComm V H Schaeffer132
ArmamentComm W F Boone136
The Power PlantComm Rico Botta139
Procurement and ProductionCapt W W Webster141
Experiment and ResearchComm L C Stevens143
PhotographyLieut Comm Robert S Quackenbush, Jr  147
The Naval Air StationRear Adm Ben Moreell150
AerologyLieut Comm H T Orville154
RadioComm C B H Hall157
For Identification (aircraft silhouettes)160


Bombers AcrossCapt Edgar J Wynn14
LaGuardia's BeehiveE D Ward18
The HudsonKurt Rand20
WSN: An Industry Based on the StarsWilliam Winter
Troop GlidersLewin E Barringer27
Of Planes They Sang! E Joy Doherty29
Keep Your Lightplane AirworthyJ H Dressel31
The Man Who Carries The BallBrig Gen M F Scanlon32
Physio FlightLieut T C Gillmer33
Quit Stalling!John R Hoyt67
Pilots' ParadiseWilliam D Strohmeier68
NavitrainerBen H Pearse70
The Fowler FlapH R Foottit71
From HeadquartersLieut Col Harold E Hartney  73
Have You Seen?74
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 32Evelyn N Burleson76
Civil Aviation — The Story of the CAA
Win This WarHon Jesse H Jones36
Aviation in the US Hon Robert H Hinckley37
The CAABrig Gen Donald H Connolly38
For SafetyA S Koch39
Flying is a BusinessCharles I Stanton41
AirmenJohn P Morris44
Regional ExpansionHoward F Rough46
CAA Regional Map47
AirwaysThomas B Bourne48
AirportsCol Lucius D Clay52
Applied Research: MenDr Dean R Brimhall56
Applied Research: MachinesJohn Easton57
Facts on FlyingRoscoe Wright 60


War in the Air [ text ] , [ pictorial ]14
The Far EastJames R Young15
We'll Do the Job!Col John H Jouett24
For Identification [ Ju-88 ] ,
[ Breda 65 ] , [ SM-79 ] , [ SM-82 ] , Nell ]
Women WantedDonald O Herty29
"Aero"E Jay Doherty30
The Airlines and the FutureFrank L Stebbins32
From HeadquartersLieut Col Harold E Hartney  35
War Goes Into the StratosphereCourtney Randall36
America Poses for Its PictureKurt Rand39
We Can Lose This War!Cy Caldwell41
Use Our Idle Schools!Hon Jennings Randolph 42
FirepowerDonald G Smith45
AOPA News47
Plane PlantersS R Winters48
The CAPEarle L Johnson50
Testing the P-38Edward Churchill53
Check PilotCapt Edgar J Wynn55
Have You Seen?56
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 33Capt Ernest Gann58
If You're Going to Englandby Maj Charles Kerwood76


We Must 'Freeze' Our Aircraft DesignsSenator Harry S Truman18
The Japs Are VulnerableLeonard Engel20
The Private Pilot and the WarCharles I Stanton23
The New Strategy of WarCy Caldwell25
They Deliver the GoodsLeo Patrick Murray26
For Identification Claude ] , Sally ]29
War UmpireLieut Col Roland Birnn32
Bug HuntersS R Winters35
A Mass-Production Carrier?Ben H Pearse37
From HeadquartersLieut Col Harold E Hartney  38
Insignia IndustryKurt Rand39
The RCAFDon R Rae42
A New ComputerThomas C Gillmer44
A Study of Tailless AircraftRaoul Hoffman45
Long DropA W Bernsohn46
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 34J H Dressel 49
A Million for ResearchEdward Churchill50
Have You Seen?54
AOPA News56


Siberia: Our Next Air BaseLeonard Engel18
Gas!Col Alden H Waitt 22
The Airline of TomorrowC R Smith26
"High Flight"John Gillespie Magee, Jr29
Our Planes Can Fight!Rep Dow W Harter30
Production Will Smash the AxisRowland Carter33
For Identification Karigane ] , Kate ]35
Glassless GlassEdward Churchill38
From HeadquartersLieut Col Harold E Hartney  40
We Must Attack to WinCy Caldwell41
AOPA News42
Soaring Comes of AgeCharles T Malone43
Remember Wake Island!Lieut John W Thomason III45
Physically Fit for FlightCol A D Tuttle46
Float DesignH R Foottit47
Training the CAPAlfred Toombs 49
Public Relations vs PublicityCol Arthur I Ennis51
Big LightD M Neal53
Watch the Weather!John R Hoyt55
Have You Seen?56
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 35Leon Brink58


American Aircraft in the RAFG Geoffrey Smith18
Spitfire Hospital21
You Can Manufacture AircraftWalter H Wheeler, Jr22
If You Are a Drafted PilotWilliam Levenor25
The Turkish Air ForceRowland Carter26
Milady Is Building AirplanesRobert H Hinckley28
Where Is Our Air Power?Col Roland Birnn31
The Negro as a Military AirmanFrank Lambert33
London JourneyJohn Paul Riddle34
For Identification Jean ] , Millie ] , Otori ]35
Pan Am Fights the AxisRichard G. Hubler38
Civilian Defense Against GasCol Alden H. Waitt40
Politicians Don't Build PlanesCy Caldwell43
The Care and Feeding of a GiantEdward Churchill44
AOPA News46
Sinus Relief via AviationDrs A C Ivy and Louis Krasno  47
From HeadquartersLieut Col Harold E Hartney48
Air Services Section49
Our Unknown PioneersRaoul Hoffman52
Soaring Comes of AgeCharles T Malone53
Have You Seen?54
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 36Mervin Rosenbush56
[ An Enemy Analysis56 ]


The Civilian Pilot Fights the SubmarineKurt Rand18
The War and the LightplaneWilliam T Piper 56
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 37George R Reiss56
The Airlines Are DraftedRowland Carter21
Aviation After the WarCol John H Jouett 24
Tokyo Raid27
War in the Air28
The 'Spitter'William Winter30
For Identification [ B-17 ] , Zero ]35
The Royal Observer CorpsAlfred Toombs38
The Air OffensiveCy Caldwell47
Air Services Section 48
Who Said 'War Profits'?Ward Hill 33
US Aviation GasolineWright W Gary43
Paddle-Blade PropellerSpencer Gregg45
What We Learned from the B-19Edward Churchill50
Airmen by the ThousandsMaj Gen Barton K Yount22
Conversion SchoolJames Montagnes42
From HeadquartersLieut Col Harold E Hartney  34
Advice to the InventorDon R Roe41
Forecasting FogB C Haynes53
AOPA News44
Have You Seen?54
Industry Items58
The Library108


Coyote Hunt27
How to Fly 60 Minutes an HourJohn R Hoyt53
Coming; A Merchant AerineWilliam M Sheehan28
Japs Are Their SpecialtyRuss Johnston22
Air Power and the Coming InvasionCy Caldwell31
Fighting the IncendiaryEdward Churchill42
The Ladies Go to WarKurt Rand47
Pilot SaversE Jay Doherty48
'Flight Strips'Col Stedman Shumway Hanks  25
Steel AirportGeorge R Reiss45
Canada's Warplane IndustryJames Montagnes32
Air Training ConferenceFrancis Flaherty21
Swank SchoolRowland Carter38
The 'Air Conditioned Generation'Dr John W Studebaker41
The Billy Mitchell CaseRep Melvin J Maas18
From HeadquartersLieut Col.Harold E Hartney40
For Identification Spitfire ]35
AOPA News44
Air Services Section51
Have You Seen?54
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 38Lieut James W Robb, USN56
Industry Items66


Special Royal Air Force Issue
IntroductionWilliam B Ziff38
ForewordThe Rt Hon Sir Archibald Sinclair, Bt, KT, CMG, MP39
Air Power in WarAir Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal, GCB, DSO and Bar, MC40
Organisation of the RAFAir Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Lloyd Courtney, KCB, CBE, DSO  41
The Air MinistrySir Arthur Street, KCB, KBE, CMG, CIE, MC43
Bomber CommandAir Marshal Sir Arthur T Harris, KCB, OBE, AFC46
Fighter CommandAir Chief Marshal Sir Sholto Douglas, KC, MC, DFC 61
Coastal CommandAir Chief Marshal Sir Philip B Joubert, KCB, CMG, DSO, PSA70
Army CooperationAir Marshal Sir Arthur S Barratt, KCB, CMG, MC76
East of Suez78
The Middle EastAir Chief Marshal Sir Arthur W Tedder, KCB79
Malta, G C86
Salon Section87
CeylonAir Vice-Marshal J H D'Albiac, CB, DSO95
Balloon CommandAir Marshal Sir Leslie Gossage, KCB, CVO, DSO, MC97
Maintenance CommandAir Marshal Sir John Bradley, KCB, BCE101
Ferry CommandAir Chief Marshal Sir Fred'k W Bowhill, GBE, KCB, CMG, DSO102
Works DirectorateErnest Holloway, CB, OBE105
Training and ManpowerAir Marshal A G R Garrod, CB, OBE, MC, DFC107
Colour Section111
WAAFAir Commandant K J Tretusis Forbes, CBE127
The Man in ActionFlight Lieutenant H E Bates130
PhotographyGroup Captain F C V Laws, OBE134
Signals and RadioAir Vice-Marshal C E H Medhurst, CB, OBE, MC141
Dominions Squadrons142
Eagle Squadrons145
Allied Air ForcesGroup Captain A S W Dore, DSO, TD, DL146
Aviation MedicineAir Marshal Sir Harold E Whittingham, KBE, MB, ChB, FRCP149
Air-Sea RescueGroup Captain E F Waring, DFC, AFC152
Foreword to Aircraft SectionCol J J Llewellin, CBE, MC,TD, MA156
Ministry of Aircraft ProductionSir Archibald Rowlands, KCB, MBE157
British AircraftJ S Buchanan, CBE159
American Aircraft in the RAF161
Engine ProductionGroup Captain F R Banks, OBE162
ArmamentJ W Mills, OBE164
Research and DevelopmentAir Marshal F J Linnell, CB, OBE167
SalvageAir Commodore C W Weedon170
Air Transport Auxiliary ServiceE V Bowyer172
Civil AviationW P Hildred, OBE, NA174
History of the RAF177
For Identification182


The Kaiser PlanWilliam B Ziff 19
Production — Our Home FrontWilliam B Stout 31
Women Workers Wanted!Brig Gen Frank J McSherry34
Plane Short CutsKurt Rand38
Victory WeldPaul Pierce46
It's Done with MirrorsLewis Tansky28
Computation by NomogramsRaoul J Hoffman54
Preventative MaintenanceR J Curry55
War in the Air20
Air Pick-up Goes to WarRep Jennings Randolph26
Cologne RaidSq Ldr J DeL Wooldridge30
The Ramming RussiansLieut. Robert B. Hotz32
The Inoffensive BattleshipCy Caldwell33
I Have Flown with the JapsLawrence Impey41
Why French Aviation FailedMaria de Blasio47
Down to the Sea in BlimpsEns Earl E Burton24
Putting the Power in ManpowerH R Ingraham48
Private Flyers to the RescueRuss Johnston44
From HeadquartersLieut Col Harold E Hartney 42
The Billy Mitchell CaseRep Melvin J Maas43
Age and the Fighter PilotCol Malcolm C Grow and
Lieut Col Harry G Armstrong  
Air Mail EverywhereFrancis D Bradbrooke29
PatRay Nathan40
For Identification35
Air Services Section50
Have You Seen?52
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 39John P Gaty56
Industrial Aviation Section69


Fly Them Over!Maj Reuben H Fleet18
Speed-up SpecialistsPaul Pierce20
Australia Builds an Air ForceKeith Palmer22
MantaEdward Churchill54
Powered by Hot AirWilliam Winter49
Ground vs Flight Engine TestsJames B Kendrick 53
'Plastic' Airplanes Are Not NewRaoul J Hoffman64
Convoy PatrolJohn Wilds24
The ZeroRex Sydney25
Escape from JavaSgt Pilot D L Jones 27
"Report from London"Oliver Stewart28
Air Power and the Second FrontCy Caldwell32
'Intruder Operation'Sq Ldr J A E Maclachlan33
Towed Air TransportsMaj Lewin B Barringer44
"I Flew with the RAF"Pilot Officer Wendell Pendleton  45
Flying CollegiansMaurice Rodd51
Bombs AboardCapt George C McDdowell56
You Still Can Travel by AirRowland Carter 26
Air EmpireRobert S Morton38
"Help Wanted"Edward J Gardner48
Ontario's Forestry FlyersWilliam A. Baker, Jr 58
Repair Unit41
Trouble ShootersIdell D Hays47
They Keep Them FlyingEd Sander55
Protecting Pilots' Eyes Dr E D Tillyer30
VertigoJohn R. Hoyt52
Technician TrainersMaj Gen Walter R Weaver 42
From HeadquartersLieut Col Harold E Hartney 34
A Unified ServiceRep Melvin J Maas40
The Lightplane Joins the ArmyAlfred Toombs59
For Identification35
AOPA News50
Air Services Section62
Have You Seen?66
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 40Alma Heflin McCormick68
Industrial Aviation Section131


Wanted: Some Clear ThinkersCharles I. Stanton18
The Wartime Airline PilotJ H Carmichael28
The StratolinerEdward Churchill30
Ice IndicatorSigrid Arne42
Air Cargo ProblemsR D Kelly and W W Davies47
Flying at 50.000 FeetRichard C Molloy50
Controllable Propellers for LightplanesWalter E Burnham58
Graphic CalculusRaoul J Hoffman66
War in the Air20
Look at the Record!William Levenor 25
Hirohito's Palace Must Be BombedJames R Young29
Flying Safety in the ArmyCapt George C Price32
The Fallacy of DispersionCy Caldwell43
The Night Bomber vs AntiaircraftWing Comm G L Cheshire49
The Ladies Join the Air ForcesRowland Carter67
"Grasshoppers"Kurt Rand68
Sailplane SeminaryHoward E Jackson22
Fighter PilotHoward Waldorf26
Next Stop: TokyoM H Carrington38
The NYA in AviationCharles T Malone 44
Minimizing Air InjuriesJerome Lederer24
Dive Bombing TeethMichael Amrine53
Alaska AdventureCaroline Iverson33
Wings for the Working GirlJuliette K Arthur41
Lubricate Lightplanes CarefullyJack Morningstar48
"Dear Mr. Manufacturer…"Paul Pierce55
The Trusty 'OX'Thomas F Buck57
All Pastures Aren't AirportsW F Schmidt40
Ideas Make Airpower52
From HeadquartersLieut Col Harold E Hartney  46
For Identification35
AOPA News56
Air Service Section61
Have You Seen?64
I Learned About Flying from That! — No 41Beverly Howard68
Industrial Aviation91