Comparison of Plastics and Other MaterialsW I Beach7
Moulding Aircraft StructuresArthur W Loerke  13
Aircraft Electrical Wiring SystemsMyron F Eddy19
Chip ControlEinar Almdale22
Details of the Production Type Martin Mars28
Developments in Aircraft PropellersLouis H Enos30
Production Ideas37
Methods and Equipment45
Trade Publications59
Highlites of Recent Events60
Off the Bookshelf68


Designing Airframe Assembly ToolsA S Turner7
Altitude Vapor FormationW H Curtis and R R Curtis  11
Gas Turbines in AircraftArthur V St Germain16
Engineering Design SimplificationJ A Broadston21
Electronic HeatingJ P Jordan26
Specialized Educational Posters30
Interpretation of Aircraft X-Ray FilmsRobert Taylor32
Structural Flight ResearchW Lavern Howland37
Ammunition Chute and Booster Tooling ProblemsF F Baker42
Glass-Reinforced Plastics for Aircraft46
Hydraulic Stretch-Forming of Aircraft PartsR Seifried48
Fireproof Upholstery for Aircraft Interiors50
Standardization Speeds Aircraft ProductionE W Norris52
Production Ideas60
Methods and Equipment71
Trade Publications86
Highlites of Recent Events90
Off the Bookshelf102


Design Breakdown of the P-51 MustangGeorge Gehrkens 7
Zinc Plating of Aircraft Structures20
Engine Cooling Fan Theory and PracticeKenneth Campbell24
Details of the German VDM Electric PropellerJohn D Waugh32
Furfural Resin AdhesivesJohn Delmonte38
Designing Airframe Assembly Tools — Part IIA S Turner41
Application of Electronic Measuring DevicesH Johnston47
Flow-Line Production of the Douglas Havoc H Brennan51
Aircraft Engine Forging OperationsWilliam V Humphrey  58
National Aircraft Standards60
Design Aspects of the Budd ConestogaHarry S Pack64
Roto Stretching Aircraft Parts66
Highlites of Recent Events75
Methods and Equipment87
Trade Publications96
Production Ideas98
Off the Bookshelf101


Design Analysis of the P-38 LightningJ J Johnson7
Gas Turbines as Power PlantsHendry L Bart23
Operating Principles of Oil Cooling SystemsS K Andersen26
Plastics vs Metals — A Production Cost AnalysisW I Beach30
Details of the German VDM Propeller — Part IIJohn D Waugh36
Variable-Surface Propeller Grinder42
Cutting Production Time by Multiple RivetingJ E Cooper44
Lengthening Piston Ring LifeTracy C Jarrett46
Aircraft Riveting ProblemsEmric W Berger48
National Aircraft Standards54
Simplifying CG CalculationsMartin Boe and  
I L McWhorter
Methods and Equipment73
Trade Publications84
Highlites of Recent Events 88
Off the Bookshelf101
Production Ideas102


Selecting Aircraft Heating EquipmentS E Heymann7
C-54 Skymaster Engineering Design AnalysisE F Burton15
Design for a Castered Landing GearC D. Tucker42
Processing Magnesium to Prevent CorrosionGilbert C Close  46
Fabricating and Installing Metal TubingF G Steele50
Transport Aircraft Lighting RequirementsW A Petrasek58
"After Glow" Technique for Template ReproductionR O'Connor64
Automatic Machine Speeds Cable Testing68
Methods and Equipment71
Trade Publications82
Production Ideas86
Highlites of Recent Events 90
People 96
Business Notes97
Off the Bookshelf98


Principles of Power Boost Flight ControlsE G Riley 7
Selecting Heating Equipment — Part IIS E Heymann11
PV-1 Ventura Design AnalysisW M Wallace17
Consolidated Vultee's Flow-Line ProductionJ L Kelley31
Expediting Propeller ProductionJohn A Roush38
Aircraft Electrical DevelopmentsT B Holliday 44
Frame Design and Mounting of Aircraft WindowsW.H Arata and  
O E Brown
Inspecting Spot Welds by X-RayRobert Taylor55
Effects of CompressibilityG L Shue59
Design Aspects of the Japanese HampD L Hancock 60
Developments in Cabin SuperchargingH L Bart63
Salvaging Parts by Welding67
Production Ideas68
Methods and Equipment73
Trade Publications80
Highlites of Recent Events82
Business Notes91
Off the Bookshelf92


Pressurizing of Aircraft CabinsD D Waller7
Design Analysis of the B-24J LiberatorF W Fink15
Resonant Fatigue Tests31
Selecting Heating Equipment — Part IIIS E Heymann32
X-Ray on a Mass Production BasisJohn L Bach39
Testing Oil Tanks — Part IG S Peterson
and B R Walsh
Spitfire Mark XIV47
The Dual-Rotation Aeroprop48
Flash Welding in Airframe DesignH J Mulee50
Precision Templates by "Ray Production"B Rudnick55
Technique of Bending Copper TubingJulius Wile59
Extension of Analogy Between Momentum
and Heat Transfer
Arthur N Tiford  62
Highlites of Recent Events78
Methods and Equipment87
Trade Publications95
Business Notes99
Production Ideas100
Off the Bookshelf101


Measuring Air-Liquid Proportions in Lubricating SystemsB R Walsh and
G S Peterson
Improved Soundproofing for Less WeightW S Saville11
Chafing of Aircraft Engine PartsH C Gray and
R W Jenny
Design Analysis of the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress17
Multiple Milling with High Speed Fly CuttersH L Bart 34
Effect of Shape on Formability
of Deep Drawn Sheet-Metal Parts
W A Box and
William Schroeder  
Minimum Weight in Heat Exchanger DesignB L Messinger44
Using Reverse Thrust Propellers as Landing BrakesJ H Sheets and
G W MacKinney
Electrical ConnectorsT B Holliday57
B-26 Marauder Horseshoe Conveyor SystemNorman Stewart64
Shot Peening and the Fatigue of MetalsH F Moore66
Increasing Die Longevity by Chrome Plating70
Methods and Equipment73
Trade Publications82
Highlites of Recent Events84
Business Notes95
Production Ideas96
Off the Bookshelf104