The Electronic Turbo RegulatorRobert E Frazier7
Design Analysis of the Republic P-47N Mastrangelo13
Minimizing Entrained Air in
Aircraft Lubrication Systems
G S Peterson
and B R Walsh
Intercooling Problems in Aircraft DesignH B Dickinson35
New Transport DesignsWilliam V Humphrey42
Contract TerminationsWhitney K Towers44
Heat Treating Aluminum AlloyDavid Aston49
Piston Ring DevelopmentC H Van Hartesveldt   
and M Epps
Adapting Centralized Lubrication
to Production Machinery
Ignition Design for High AltitudesJ R Harkness58
Three-Dimensional Tooling DeviceLeland A Bryant60
Spotwelding TechniqueWm J Van den Akker  
and F D Dever
Methods and Equipment71
Trade Publications80
Production Ideas 82
Highlites of Recent Events84
Business Notes93
Off the Bookshelf102


Remote Indication Equipment DesignT B Holliday7
Dope Spraying System Eliminates ThinnersW.J Montgomery15
Interchangeability in Airplane ComponentsFrank M Mallett, Stanley W   
Gulliver and David S Ralph
Helicopter for Airline UseC B F Macauley23
Intercooling Problems in Aircraft — Part IIH B Dickinson 26
Planning and Scheduling Engineering WorkR M Zerbe30
Inspecting Aluminum Castings by X-RayG Mullowney38
Cargo Plane FlooringHarry S Pack40
Piston Ring Development — Part IIC H Van Hartesveldt
and M Epps
Industrial Films as Training AidsL S Metcalfe48
Reconversion at North American AviationGerald Stedman50
Aircraft Control with Unsymmetrical PowerL M Greene58
Design of the Ratier Electric PropellerJohn D Waugh60
Methods and Equipment69
Trade Publications76
Highlites of Recent Events78
Business Notes87
Production Ideas88
Off the Bookshelf91


Design Analysis of the Curtiss-Wright CW-20EW L Wells7
Engineering the B-29's ArmamentH Hokanson and   
T S Lisberger
P-47 Cowling FabricationN Mastrangelo31
Hydraulic Remote ControlC G Hebel32
"Fairleads" for Supporting Aircraft TubingJohn Young35
Heat Treating 18-8 Stainless SteelKeith Whitcomb38
Magnesium Alloy AnodizingN H Simpson
and P R Cutter
Alternating Current in AircraftT B Holliday50
Aircraft Breakdown for Increased ProductionA H Petersen57
Test Cell LightingDavis H Tuck64
Methods and Equipment71
Trade Publications78
Highlites of Recent Events80
Business Notes89
Production Ideas90
Off the Bookshelf102


Design Analysis of the Lockheed ConstellationHall Hibbard7
Engines for America's "Robombs"24
New Spark Plug Thread LubricantE L Flood30
Aircraft Pattern Making with Gypsum CementsE H Schleede32
Damage ControlGaither Littrell41
Critical Loads for Thin Walled CylindersLeon Beskin46
Assisted Take-OffArthur V St Germain   53
Tethered Flight TunnelRussell W Lehman60
P-80 Shooting StarC L Johnson64
Thermoplastic Aircraft Tooling Material68
Methods and Equipment73
Trade Publications80
Highlites of Recent Events82
Business Notes90
Production Ideas92
Off the Bookshelf104


The XR-1A HelicopterJohn Tassos7
Metal Spinning of Aircraft Partseorge F Farley18
Amplidyne Control for Gun TurretsJ D Thompson22
Voltage RegulatorT B Holliday23
Analysis of the French Chauviere PropellerJohn D Waugh36
Design of Aircraft Lubrication Systems — Part IC S Brandt44
AT-6 Fuselage WeldingGerald E Stedman  52
High Altitude Oil SystemsW L Wheeler 56
Shifting Origins — A Computation Saving DeviceAlfred S Niles62
Methods and Equipment67
Trade Publications76
Highlites of Recent Events78
Business Notes86
Production Ideas92
Off the Bookshelf98


Design Analysis of the Grumman HellcatMoss Ringel7
Design of Aircraft Lubrication Systems — Part IIC S Brandt24
Personnel RecordsR C Halliday32
Aircraft LightingT B Holliday34
Magnetic Inspection of WeldsG C Close41
Engineering Problems in Small Aircraft DesignW M Hawkins, Jr46
Weighing and Locating CGF D Porter and W W Holtz  51
Parallel Operation of D-C Aircraft GeneratorsR W Papenhausen56
Helicoid Movement for Gage InstrumentsPaul G Weiller60
Development of the Rotol PropellerJohn D Waugh64
Fabrication of the P-47 WingGerald E Stedman69
Methods and Equipment73
Trade Publications82
Production Ideas84
Highlites of Recent Events86
Business Notes91
Off the Bookshelf104


Design Analysis of Curtiss-Wright HelldiverJohn A Henderson7
Weighing and Locating CG — Part IIF D Porter and W W Holz  24
Design of Aircraft Lubrication Systems — Part IIIC S Brandt 31
High Speed Wind Tunnel Development39
Compressibility in AerodynamicsWilliam S Beller40
Design for MillingPaul Dutter47
Sensitized Plywood Speeds Bomber Construction52
Machinability of Magnesium IngotsL B Jackson
and W W Beaver
Estimating Direct Labor Cost in Aircraft ProductionJ Chassan60
Advanced Electrical Systems for Large AircraftM M Rockwell64
Methods and Equipment71
Trade Publications80
Production Ideas82
Highlites of Recent Events84
Business Notes91
Off the Bookshelf102


Design Analysis of the Vought CorsairWilliam C Hoff7
Developments in De-IcersJ E Gulick24
Lightplane Propeller Development — Part IJohn D Waugh27
Airfoil Scale Effect CorrectionsGeorge H Tweney33
Engine Performance IndicatorL J Bordelon
and O W Ehlers
Aircraft Hydraulic Equipment MaintenanceWilliam L Lewis41
Fabricating Steel TubingC E Booth45
Influence Coefficients in Stress
and Vibration Analysis
Robert Rosenbaum and   
Robert H Scanlan
Fuel Injection — Part IF J Wiegand
and D W Meador  
Magnesium MachiningGerald E Stedman66
Basic Factors in Helicopter DesignR H Prewitt70
Methods and Equipment73
Trade Publications80
Production Ideas82
Highlites of Recent Events86
Business Notes92
Off the Bookshelf104


Design Analysis of the Martin PBM-5 MarinerE G Riley7
Formulas for Strain EnergyAlfred S Niles22
"Safe-T" Aviation Fuel DevelopmentWilliam C Hoff24
Fuel Injection — Part IIF J Wiegand and D W. Meador  27
Forming 75S Aluminum AlloyS H Phillips30
DC Aircraft Electrical Systems DesignR W Papenhausen34
Aircraft Engine Detonation IndicatorJohn H Lancaster38
Lightplane Propeller Development — Part IIJohn D Waugh39
The Consolidated Vultee B-32Gaither Littrell46
Centrifugal and Axial CompressorsK Campbell and J E Talbert50
Designing for Turning OperationsPaul Dutter58
Theory of Automatic Control SystemsDonald P Campbell62
Methods and Equipment37
Trade Publications72
Production Ideas74
Highlites of Recent Events76
Business Notes81
Off the Bookshelf98


Design Analysis of the Fairchild C-82A PacketM Cozzoli7
Band Saw Developments for Industrial ShapingH J Chamberland  20
Wind Tunnel Fire Protection Methods23
Design Aspects of the Hughes H-4 24
Fabricating Aluminum Alloy SheetsPatrick Flynn27
A Graphical Solution of Windshield Heat De-Icing ProblemsHarry H Hauger28
Chromium Plating of Aircraft PartsC L Savage37
Fuel Injection — Part IIIF J Wiegand
and D W Meador  
Integral Fuel TanksA J Savard47
Methods and Equipment53
Trade Publications59
Production Ideas62
Highlites of Recent Events64
Business Notes69
Off the Bookshelf84


Design Analysis of the Northrop Black WidowR Spencer7
Radio Interference TestingK Rudd and W Heath, Jr14
Influence of Shear Leon Beskin20
Fuel Injection — Part IVF J Wiegand and D W Meador  27
Automatic Synchronizers for Aircraft Propellers31
The Douglas GlobemasterWilliam V Humphrey 34
Theory of Automatic Control Systems — Part IID Campbell38
Methods and Equipment42
Trade Publications49
Highlites of Recent Events50
Business Notes53
Off the Bookshelf63
Production Ideas65


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