The US Armed Forces have used a variety of different type-designation schemes for aircraft over the years. Since our focus here is on the World War II years, this set of tables will list the type, manufacturer and common name of the planes that carried a US type designation.
The information comes from a variety of places, but the two most prominent — and those most strongly recommended to the researcher — are and Some of the production data and names also refer to the individual Wikipedia pages of the planes.

While there were all sorts of designators applied to aircraft used by the military, the bulk of the planes that will be shown here fall into four categories:

The tables run from the beginning of the type-designation system in use during the war through the end of the war and somewhat beyond for some types, especially bombers; there was a major change in the designation system around the time the USAF was spun off as a separate service from the Army.
The phrase "total built" describes production of all reported versions, including X-, Y- and production mods. Many of these numbers are approximate, as various sources seem to have different ways of counting. Also, in many cases planes modified within series are not counted (but not always.)

While the USAAC/USAAF/USAF practice of assigning numbers in series makes it easier in principle to make a coherent list. The Navy system of assigning on a per-manufacturer basis makes listing more tortuous. The Navy also tended to place planes in multiple different categories. In practice, with the way airframes were reassigned from one designation to another, transferred between services, or redesignated as different types, the listing here must be considered somewhat approximate. Be that as it may, this is a pretty thorough listing of the combat and transport types in use or prototyped or proposed between the 1920s and the change to a unified designator system in 1962.

The Army plan of attack in the between-wars years seems to have been: use heavy level bombers for attacks at long range, essentially strategic attack; use medium bombers for level-bombing of tactical targets; and use dive bombers for tactical and ground support action.
The Navy adaptation of this overall strategy seems to have been: use long-range bombers (often flying boats) for surveillance and reconnaissance, with some ability to attack; use dive bombers for attack of ship and/or ground facilities; and use torpedo bombers for anti-ship attacks.
Both of these schemes were originally predicated on the presumption that initial actions would be against enemy ships at sea, since we had allies on both borders.
The famous players in this category were the A-20 and A-24/SBD; the A-25/SB2C and A-26 were also active in the US forces. This group also includes the Navy SB-series planes.

Attack planes
Manufacturer Name notes 
A-1not issued
XA-2Douglasone built
A-3CurtissFalcon144 total built
XA-4Curtissre-engined A-3; one built
XA-5Curtissnone built
XA-6Curtissnone built
XA-7General Aviationone built
A-8Curtiss14 total built
Y1A-9Detroit-Lockheednone built
YA-10XS2CCurtissre-engined A-8; 2 total built
A-11Consolidated5 total built
A-12Curtissproduction YA-10; 46 built, plus export
YA-13Northropone built
YA-14Curtissone built
XA-15Martinnone built
XA-16Northropre-engined A-13; one built
A-17Northrop129 built, plus exports; British Nomad I
A-18Curtiss13 built
YA-19Vultee7 total built
A-20BDDouglasHavoc7478 built; British Boston
XA-21Stearman1 built
XA-22MartinMaryland1 built, plus 450 export
XA-23MartinBaltimoresee A-30
A-24SBDDouglasDauntless5936 built; USAAF Banshee
A-25SB2CCurtissHelldiver7140 built; USAAF Shrike
A-26DouglasInvader2452 built; redesignated postwar as B-26
A-27North American10 built; armed AT-6 trainer
A-29PBOLockheedHudson2941 total built as A-28, A-29, AT-18
A-30MartinBaltimore1575 built
XA-32Brewster2 built
A-33Douglas31 built
A-34SB2ABrewsterBuccaneer450 built; British Bermuda
A-35TBVVulteeVengeance1931 total built as A-31, A-35
A-36North AmericanApache500 built; also Invader, Mustang
XA-37Hughesnone built
XA-38BeechcraftGrizzly2 built; also Destroyer
XA-39Kaiser-Fleetwingsnone built
XA-40XSB3CCurtissalso XBTC; none built
XA-41Convair1 built
XA-42Douglasconverted to XB-42 Mixmaster
XA-43Curtissjet; converted to XP-87 Blackhawk
XA-44Convairjet; reclassified as XB-53
XA-45Martinjet; redesignated as XB-51
Navy Scout Bomber, Scout, Scout Observation types
SBCCurtissHelldiverover 250 built, including export
SBFFairchild (Canada)Helldiverlicense-built SB2C
SBWCanadian Car & FoundryHelldiverlicense-built SB2C
BGGreat Lakes60 built
XB2GGreat Lakes1 built
BTNorthrop55 built
XBYConsolidated1 built
XB2YConsolidated1 built
XBT2CCurtiss9 built
BTDDouglasDestroyeralso SB2D; 30 built
BT2DDouglasSkyraiderlater AD-1, A-1; 3180 total built
XBTKKaiser-Fleetwings5 built
BTMMartinMaulerlater AM-1; 151 built
SCCurtissSeahawk577 built
XS4CCurtissredesignated as XSBC; 1 plane
SDWDayton-Wrightmodified DT-2; 3 planes
XSEBellanca1 plane
SFGrummanversion of FF; 34 planes
XSGGreat Lakes1 built
XSLLoening1 built
XSSSikorsky1 built
SUVoughtCorsairversion of O2U/O3U; 142 planes
XSCox-Klemin6 built
SOCCurtissSeagull322 total built
XSO2CCurtissSeagull1 built
SO3CCurtissSeamew795 built
XSOEBellanca1 built
SONNaval Aircraft FactorySeagulllicense-built SOC; 64 planes
SORRyanlicense-built SOC
SO2UVought1440 built
OS2UVoughtKingfisher1519 built
OS2NNaval Aircraft FactoryKingfisherlicense-built OS2U; 300 planes

This category included the heavy and medium bombers of the USAAF and the torpedo and patrol bombers and the patrol planes of the USN.
The major players for the USAAF were the B-17 and B-24 heavies and the B-25 medium bombers. The Navy used B-25/PBJ (for the Marines), but their most famous players would have to be the TBF/TBM and the PBY.

Manufacturer Name notes 
XB-1BKeystone1 built
B-2CurtissCondor13 built
B-3AKeystone63 total built as B-3A, B-5
B-4Keystone30 total built
B-6Keystone44 total built
Y1B-7Douglas8 total built
YB-8Atlantic-Fokker7 total built
YB-9Boeing7 total built
B-10Martin342 total built as B-10, B-12, B-13, XB-14, including export
YB-11Douglas1 built
XB-15Boeing1 built
XB-16Martinnone built
B-17PB-1BoeingFlying Fortressover 12½ thousand total built
B-18DouglasBolo350 total built
XB-19DouglasHemisphere Defender1 built
Y1B-20Boeingre-engined B-15; none built
XB-21North American1 built
XB-22Douglasre-engined B-18; none built
B-23DouglasDragon38 built
B-24PB4YConsolidatedLiberatorNavy Privateer; over 18000 total built
B-25PBJNorth AmericanMitchellnearly 10,000 total built
B-26JMMartinMarauderearly reports call it Martian; over 5000 total built
XB-27Martinnone built
XB-28North American2 built
B-29P2BBoeingSuperfortressnearly 4000 total built
XB-30Lockheednone built
XB-31Douglasnone built
B-32ConvairDominator155 built
XB-33Martinnone built
B-34PV-1LockheedVentura200 built
YB-35B2TNorthrop15 total built
B-36ConvairPeacemaker384 total built
B-37PV-2LockheedHarpoon18 built
XB-38Lockheedre-engined B-17; 1 built
XB-39Boeingre-engined B-29; 1 built
YB-40BoeingFlying FortressB-17 modified as escort fighter; 25 built
XB-41ConvairB-24 modified as escort fighter; 1 built
XB-42DouglasMixmaster2 built
Everything Air Force below here can be considered to be postwar
XB-43DouglasJetmasterjet conversion of XB-42; 2 built
XB-44Boeingre-engined B-29; 3 built
B-45North AmericanTornadojet; 143 total built
XB-46Convairjet; 1 built
B-47BoeingStratojetjet; over 2000 total built
XB-48Martinjet; 2 built
YB-49Northropjet; 3 total built
B-50BoeingSuperfortressapproximately 370 total built
XB-51Martinjet; 2 built
B-52BoeingStratofortressjet; 744 total built
XB-53Convairjet; redesignated from XA-44; none built
B-54Boeingre-engined B-50; none built
XB-55Boeingturboprop; none built
XB-56Boeingjet; re-engined B-47; none built
B-57MartinCanberrajet; 403 built
B-58ConvairHustlerjet; supersonic; 116 built
XB-59Boeingjet; supersonic; none built
YB-60Convairjet; re-engined B-36; 2 built
B-61MartinMatadorcruise missile; later TM-61, MCM-1; over 1000 built
B-62NorthropSnarkcruise missile; later SM-62; production quantity unknown
B-63BellRascalair-launched cruise missile; later CAM-63; more than 135 built
B-64North AmericanNavahocruise missile; never operational
B-65ConvairAtlasICBM; over 350 total built
B-66A3DDouglasDestroyerjet; 294 total built; Navy Skywarrior, 282 total built
XB-67RadioplaneCrossbowdecoy missile; 14 built
XB-68Martinjet; none built
RB-69P2V-7ULockheedNeptunelater P-2; 7 built
XB-70North AmericanValkyriejet; supersonic; 2 built
B-71LockheedBlackbirdalternate designation of SR-71; 32 built
B-72McDonnellQuaildecoy missile; later GAM-72, ADM-20; 616 total built
XB-73FairchildBull Goosedecoy missile; never operational
B-74never assigned
B-75DouglasThorIRBM; later PGM-17; approximately 225 built
B-78MartinMacecruise missile; later TN-76, MGM-13; production numbers unavailable
B-77North AmericanHound Dogair-launched cruise missile; later GAM-77, AGM-28; 722 total built
B-78ChryslerJupiterIRBM; later SM-78, PGM-19; approximately 100 built
Navy Patrol, Patrol Bomber Torpedo Bomber types
BMMartin32 built
XBTCCurtiss2 built
PDDouglascontract-built PN-12; 25 planes
P2DDouglasmodified T2D; 18 planes
XP3DDouglas1 built
PHHallcontract-built, modified PN-11; 24 built
XP2HHall1 built
PJGeneral AviationFlying Life Boat5 built
PKKeystonecontract-built PN-12; 18 planes
PMMartincontract-built PN-12; 32 total planes including export
XP2MMartin1 built
P3MMartin9 built
P4MMartinMercatorpostwar; 21 built
P5MMartinMarlinpostwar; 285 built
P6MMartinSeaMasterpostwar; jet; 12 built
P7MMartinSubMasternone built
PNNaval Aircraft Factoryover 100 built, most on contract
P3VLockheedOrionlater P-3; over 750 built including foreign license
XPYConsolidated1 built
P2YConsolidated78 built
P3YConsolidatedredesignated as PBY
XP4YConsolidatedCorregidor1 built
P5YConsolidatedTradewind2 planes
XP6YConsolidatednone built
XPBBBoeingSea Ranger1 built
PB2BBoeingCatalinalicense-built PBY
PBMMartinMariner1285 built
XPB2MMartinMarsprototype Mars; 1 plane
PBNNaval Aircraft FactoryNomadlicense-built PBY
XPBSSikorsky1 built
PBVVickers (Canada)Catalinalicense-built PBY
PBYConsolidatedCatalinaover 4000 total built
PB2YConsolidatedCoronado217 built
XPB3YConsolidatednone built
PB4YConsolidatedPrivateer739 built
TBDDouglasDevastator130 built
TB2DDouglasSkypirate2 planes
TBFGrummanAvengernearly 10000 total built
TBMEastern AircraftAvengerlicense-built TBF
TB2FGrummannone built
TB3FGrummanGuardianpostwar; later AF; 389 built
XTBGGreat LakesAvenger1 built
XTBUVoughtSea Wolf1 built
TBYConsolidatedSea Wolfproduction version of XTBU; 182 built
XTSFGrummannone built
XTBBoeing3 built
CTCurtiss1 built
DTDouglas90 total built, including export
T2DDouglas12 built
XT3DDouglas1 built
TGGreat Lakes
TMMartinversion of MB-1; 8 built
MBTMartinversion of MB-1; 2 built
T3MMartin124 built
T4MMartin155 built
XT5MMartin1 built
XT6MMartin1 built
TNNaval Aircraft Factoryprototype T2D
T2NNaval Aircraft Factoryprototype BM

Air transport became a critical, in many ways a defining character of World War II. At the outset of the war, air travel and and air transport industries were in their infancy. It appears that relatively little consideration was given in preliminary planning to using air transport as a means of prosecuting a war. As the war progressed, though, it became obvious that the same technological advances that made it possible to carry large bomb loads long distances to enemy targets also made it possible to carry large cargo loads to anywhere a landing strip could be created. This became especially critical in supplying areas where ships would have had to travel through sub-infested waters.

Airlines were pressed into service to carry time-critical materiel within the borders of the USA to facilitate the massive production, especially of warplanes and most especially of, first, heavy bombers and then, long-range fighters to prosecute the offensive air war. New designs and ramped-up production of existing successful designs (specifically, the DC-3) gave the Allies an unprecedented ability to supply forces in the field.

Since virtually anything that could fly was at some point commandeered as a transport for men, materiel, casualties or officers, the list of C (Cargo) types is quite extensive. When possible, I have tried to identify the original airframe for types that were not purpose-designed as cargo/transport planes. Perhaps the "built" note should read "procured," especially for many of the earlier models, which were commercial transports bought for military use, usually without significant modification, or "converted," since several type designations were simply re-engined (or slightly modified) versions of earlier types in the series. Also, some types were largely made up of civilian craft impressed into military service.

Cargo/Transport planes

Manufacturer Name  notes 
C-1Douglas26 built
C-2Fokker-Atlantic11 built
C-3RRFord9 total built
C-4Ford5 built
C-5RAFokker-Atlantic1 built
C-6PSSikorsky11 built
C-7RAFokker-Atlantic11 total built
C-8XR2Q-1Fairchild16 total built
C-9Fordre-engined C-3A; 7 built
XC-10Curtiss1 built
C-11Consolidated1 built
Y1C-12Lockheed1 built
C-13designation not used
C-14Fokker20 built
C-15Fokker2 total built
C-16Fokker1 built
Y1C-17Lockheed1 built
Y1C-18Boeing1 built
C-19Northrop3 built
YC-20Fokker1 built
Y1C-21RD-1Douglas10 total built, including 1 RD-2
Y1C-22Consolidated3 built
Y1C-23Lockheed1 built
Y1C-24American4 built
Y1C-25Lockheed1 built
C-26RD-2Douglas12 total built
C-27Bellanca14 total built
Y1C-28Sikorsky1 built
C-29Douglas2 built
C-30R4CCurtissCondor4 total built
XC-31Kreider-Reisner2 built
C-32R2DDouglasDC-230 planes
C-33DouglasDC-218 built
C-34DouglasDC-22 built
XC-35Lockheed1 built
UC-36R2O-1Lockheed33 total built
Y1C-37R3OLockheed1 built
C-38Douglasmodified C-33; 1 built
C-39Douglas35 built
C-40Lockheed35 total built
C-41Douglas2 total built
C-42Douglas1 built
UC-43GBBeechcraftTraveler658 total built
XC-44Messerschmittpurchased Me-108 Taifun; 1 plane
C-45JRBBeechcraftExpeditorover 5200 built, including AT-7, AT-11, SNB, F-2
C-46R5CCurtissCommando3182 total built
C-47R4DDouglasSkytrain, DC-3over 10000 total built
C-48DouglasDC-336 planes
C-49DouglasDC-3138 planes
C-50DouglasDC-314 planes
C-51DouglasDC-31 plane
C-52DouglasDC-36 planes
C-53R4DDouglasSkytrooper, DC-3
C-54R5DDouglasSkymaster, DC-4more than 1100 total built
C-55Curtiss1 built
C-56R5OLockheedLodestar625 total built, including C-57, C-59, C-60, C-66, C-104
C-58Douglascargo version of B-18A; 2 built
UC-61GKFairchildForwarderapproximately 1360 total built, including UC-86, J2K, plus about 550 civilian models
C-62Waconone built
C-63Lockheedcargo version of A-29 Hudson; none built
C-64NoorduynNorseman746 built
C-65StoutSkycar II1 built
C-66LockheedLodestar1 plane
UC-67Douglasconverted B-23 Dragon; 18 planes
C-68DouglasDC-32 planes
C-69LockheedConstellation22 built
UC-70GHHoward498 total built, including NH
UC-71Spartan16 planes
UC-72Waco44 planes of various models
C-73Boeing27 planes; Boeing 247
C-74DouglasGlobemaster14 built; became DC-7
C-75BoeingStratoliner5 planes; Boeing Model 307
C-76CurtissCaravan25 built
C-77Cessna8 planes
UC-78JRCCessnaBobcat3356 built
C-79Junkerswar prize Ju-52; one plane
UC-80Harlow4 planes
UC-81Stinson47 planes
C-82FairchildPacket220 built
UC-83PiperCub7 planes; later redesignated L-4
C-84DouglasDC-34 planes
UC-85Lockheed1 plane
UC-86FairchildForwarder9 planes
C-87RYConsolidatedLiberator Expresscargo version of B-24; 286 built
UC-88JK-1Fairchild3 planes total
UC-89Hamilton1 plane
UC-90Luscombe1 plane
C-91Stinson1 plane
UC-92Akron-Funk1 plane
C-93RB-1BuddConestoga20 built
UC-94Cessna3 planes
UC-95Taylorcraft7 planes
UC-96Fairchild3 planes
C-97BoeingStratofreighter   postwar; conversion of B-29/B-50; 888 total built
C-98B-314BoeingClipper9 planes
XC-99Convairpostwar; conversion of B-36; 1 built
UC-100Northrop1 plane
UC-101Lockheed1 plane
C-102Rearwin3 planes
UC-103F3FGrumman2 planes
C-104Lockheedredesignated as C-60C; none built
XC-105BoeingGrandpappyconverted from XB-15; 1 built
UC-106Cessna2 planes
UC-107StoutSkycar III1 plane
C-108Boeingconversions of B-17; 4 planes
C-109Consolidatedtanker conversion of C-87; 200 built
C-110R3DDouglasDC-512 total built
C-111Lockheed3 planes
XC-112Douglasmodified C-54, became DC-6; 1 plane
XC-113Curtissmodified C-46; 1 built
XC-114Douglasre-engined C-54; none built
XC-115Douglasre-engined C-54; none built
XC-116Douglasre-engined C-54; none built
C-117R4D-8DouglasDC-321 built
C-118R6DDouglasDC-6171 total built
While some of the Air Force planes above were, realistically, postwar or bridged the wartime-postwar period, the planes below can be considered postwar.
C-119R4QFairchildFlying Boxcar1183 built
XC-120FairchildPackplane1 built
C-121R7O/R7VLockheedConstellation338 built, including 232 EC-121 Warning Star
YC-122ChaseAvitrucpowered XCG-18 glider; 12 total built
C-123FairchildProvider307 built, including 3 by Stroukoff and YC-134
C-124DouglasGlobemaster II448 built
YC-125NorthropRaider23 built
LC-126Cessna78 built
XC-127Boeingnone built
C-128FairchildFlying Boxcarvariant of C-119
YC-129DouglasDC-31 built
C-130R8VLockheedHerculesmany variants; over 2300 built
C-131R4YConvairSamaritanapproximately 400 built, including T-29
C-132Douglasnone built
C-133DouglasCargomaster50 built
C-134Stroukoffmodified C-123B; one built
C-135BoeingStratolifterover 800 built
C-136Fairchildnone built
C-137BoeingStratoliner9 built
C-138Fairchildnone built
SC-139Lockheednone built
C-140LockheedJetstar16 built
C-141LockheedStarlifter285 built
XC-142Ling-Temco-VoughtVTOL; 5 built
XC-143Curtiss-Wrightnone built
Navy Transport types
R3YConsolidatedTradewindalso P5Y; 13 total built
JRMMartinMarsalso XPB2M; 7 total built
RCCurtissKingbird1 plane
RD-3Douglas6 built
RD-4Douglas10 built
XREBellanca3 built
XRKKinner3 built
XR2KFairchild1 built
RMMartin2 built
XROLockheed1 plane
XR4OLockheed1 built
R6OLockheedConstitutionlater R6V; 2 built
RQStinson1 built
XR3QStinsonredesignated from RQ-1
RSSikorsky13 various flying boats
RTNorthrop1 built
XR2YConsolidatedLiberator Liner1 built
R3YConsolidatedTradewindalso P5Y; 13 total built

The glamor planes of wartime must certainly be the fighters. Hemingway would probably have considered piloting a fighter to be the fourth sport, except he had experience of war and knew it for a cold, bitter business, not a sport at all.
The fighter plane evolved from air reconnaissance to armed air reconnaissance with the intent to spoil the other guy's air reconnaissance (airplane or balloon) to interceptor (of bombers and bomb-carrying airships) to dog-fighter — what is now considered air-superiority activity. Between wars they also served a propaganda purpose by setting speed records. The conception of the escort fighter meant that the interceptor must be able to dogfight, not just pump bullets into big, slow-moving bombers.
Speed and/or altitude capability gave the fighter pilot the ability to control engagement; maneuverability and firepower became critical characteristics once there was engagement. Firepower alone was the dominating factor for intercepting bombers, but maneuverability was critical when engaging enemy fighters.

While the solitary-warrior image appealed to the American mind, the few to whom so much was owed by so many held the affections of the British. In Axis circles, the fighter pilot was an aristocrat (literally, more often than not, in the early phases of the war) — the warrior knight of legend. Pilots and crews of other kinds of planes may have been as valuable in the actual prosecution of the war, but few had the cultural appeal of the fighter pilot or, by extension, his plane.

Pursuits — Interceptors — Fighters
Manufacturer  Name notes 
P-1CurtissHawk93 total built
P-2CurtissHawkre-engined P-1; 4 built
P-3CurtissHawkre-engined P-1; 6 built
XP-4FBBoeing158 total built
P-5CurtissHawkre-engined P-1; 5 built
P-6CurtissHawk70 built, including XP-17, XP-20, XP-21, XP-22, XP-23
XP-7Boeing1 built
XP-8Boeing1 built
XP-9Boeing1 built
XP-10Curtiss1 built
P-11CurtissHawkre-engined P-6; 3 built
P-12F4BBoeing553 total built
XP-13Thomas-MorseViper1 built
XP-14Curtissnone built
XP-15XF5BBoeingmodified F4B; 2 total built
P-16Berliner-Joyce26 built
XP-17Curtissre-engined P-1; 1 built
XP-18Curtissnone built
XP-19Curtissnone built
YP-20Curtissre-engined P-11; 1 built
XP-21Curtissre-engined P-1; 2 built
Y1P-22Curtiss47 total built
YP-23Curtiss1 built
YP-24Detroit-Lockheed1 built
Y1P-25Consolidatedrevised YP-24; 2 built, including Y1A-11
P-26BoeingPeashooter139 total built, plus exports
YP-27Consolidatedre-engined Y1P-25; none built
YP-28Consolidatedre-engined Y1P-25; none built
P-29XF7BBoeing4 total built
P-30Consolidatedmodified Y1P-25; 54 built
XP-31Curtiss1 built
XP-32Boeingnone built
XP-33Consolidatedre-engined P-30; none built
XP-34Wedell-Williamsnone built
P-35FNSeversky136 total built
P-36CurtissHawk210 built, plus exports
XP-37Curtissre-engined P-36; one built
P-38FOLockheedLightningover 10000 built
P-39BellAiracobraover 9500 built
P-40CurtissWarhawkalso Tomahawk, Kittyhawk; 13,738 built
XP-41Severskymodified P-35; 1 built
XP-42Curtissmodified P-36; 1 built
P-43RepublicLancer272 built
XP-44RepublicRocketre-engined P-43; none built
XP-45BellAiracobraredesignated as P-39C
XP-46Curtissmodified P-40; 2 built
P-47RepublicThunderbolt15660 total built
XP-48Douglasnone built
XP-49Lockheedmodified P-38; 1 built
XP-50F5FGrummanSkyrocket2 total built
P-51North American  Mustangproduction figure reports vary, but certainly over 15000 built including exports; also Invader, Apache.
XP-52Bellnone built
XP-53Curtiss2 built
XP-54VulteeSwoose Goose2 built
XP-55CurtissAscender3 built
XP-56NorthropBlack Bullet2 built
XP-57Tuckernone built
XP-58LockheedChain Lightning1 built
P-59BellAiracometjet; 66 built
P-61F2TNorthropBlack Widowapproximately 700 built
XP-62Curtiss1 built
P-63F2LBellKingcobra3303 built
P-64North American6 built
XP-65F7FGrummanTigercat364 built, all F7F
P-66VulteeVanguard144 built
XP-67McDonnellBat1 built
XP-68VulteeTornadonone built
XP-69Republic1 built
P-70BDDouglasHavoc, Nighthawk, Midnight Maulernight fighter conversion of A-20; quantities difficult to document
XP-71Curtissnone built
XP-72Republic2 built
XP-73Hughes1 built; some sources say the designation was not issued
XP-74designation not issued
P-75FisherEagle13 or 14 built
XP-76Bellmodified P-39; none built
XP-77Bell2 built
XP-78North Americantemporary designation for Merlin-powered Mustang (XP-51B); 2 planes
XP-79NorthropFlying Ramjet; 1 built
P-80TO-1LockheedShooting Starjet; later Navy TV-1; over 1700 total built
XP-81Convair2 built
P-82North AmericanTwin Mustangpostwar; 270 built
All designations higher than P-82/F-82 were postwar jet-engined designs. While some were originally ordered with the P- designation, all were either ordered as or redesignated F-, and will be so referenced here.
XF-83Bell2 built
F-84RepublicThunderjetF-84F Thunderstreak, RF-84F Thunderflash; approximately 7500 total built
XF-85McDonnellGoblin2 built
F-86North AmericanSabrenearly 10000 total built
XF-87CurtissBlackhawk1 built
XF-88McDonnellVoodoo2 built
F-89NorthropScorpion1050 total built
XF-90Lockheed2 built
XF-91RepublicThunderceptor2 built
XF-92Convair1 built
YF-93North American2 built
F-94LockheedStarfire855 total built
YF-95North Americantemporary designation of YF-86D; 2 planes
YF-96Republictemporary designation of YF-84F; 1 plane
YF-97Lockheedtemporary designation of YF-94C; 1 plane
F-98HughesFalconmissile: later GAR-series, AIM-series missiles;
XF-99BoeingBomarcmissile; later IM-99, CIM-10; 700 built
F-100North AmericanSuper Sabrenearly 2300 built
F-101McDonnellVoodooapproximately 800 total built
F-102ConvairDelta Daggernearly 1000 total built
XF-103XF3LRepublicnone built
F-104LockheedStarfighter"PHORB"; approximately 2575 total built
F-105RepublicThunderchiefapproximately 825 built
F-106ConvairDelta Dart342 total built
F-107North American3 built
XF-108North AmericanRapiernone built
XF-109Bellnone built
F-110F4HMcDonnell DouglasSpectrelater F-4; also Phantom; nearly 5200 total built
F-111General DynamicsAardvark563 total built
F-112 through -116 seem to have been used for record-keeping purposes for Soviet aircraft
F-117LockheedNighthawkstealth; 64 built
Some sources associate the F-118 designator with the Boeing "Bird of Prey" stealth technology demonstrator.
Navy Fighters
F2ABrewsterBuffalo509 built
F3ABrewsterCorsairLicense-built F4U
F2BBoeing33 total built
F3BBoeingSeahawk74 total built
XF6BBoeing1 built
XF8BBoeing3 built
F4CCurtissvariant TS-1; 2 built
F6CCurtissHawk75 total built
F7CCurtissSeahawk17 total built
F8CCurtissFalconalso Helldiver; 123 total built
F9CCurtissSparrowhawk7 built
XF10CCurtissre-engined F8C; 1 plane
F11CCurtissGoshawkAlso BF2C; also Hawk; 30 built, plus 264 export
XF13CCurtiss3 built
XF14CCurtiss1 built
F15CCurtissjet+prop; 1 built
XFDDouglas1 built
F3DDouglasSkynightjet; 265 built
F4DDouglasSkyrayjet; 422 built
F5DDouglasSkylancerjet; 4 built
XF6DDouglasMissileerjet; none built
FFGrummanFifi120 built including export
F2FGrumman55 built
F3FGrumman147 built
F4FGrummanWildcat7885 built including export
F6FGrummanHellcat12275 total built
F8FGrummanBearcat1265 built
F9FGrummanPantherjet; 1382 built
XF10FGrummanJaguarjet; 1 built
F11FGrummanTigerjet; 200 built
F12FGrummanjet; none built
XFGEberhart1 built
XF2GEberhart1 built
FGGoodyearCorsairlicense-built F4U
F2GGoodyearCorsairlicense-built F4U
XFHHall1 built
FHMcDonnellPhantom62 built
F2HMcDonnellBanshee895 built
F3HMcDonnellDemon519 built
XFJBerliner-Joyce1 built
FJNorth AmericanFuryjet; approximately 1150 built of all types
XFLLoeningnone built
XFLBellAirabonita1 built; carrier conversion of P-39
FMEastern AviationWildcatlicense-built F4F
F2MEastern AviationWildcatproposed re-engined F4F; none built
F3MEastern AviationBearcatlicense-built F8F; none built
FRRyanFireballjet+prop; 71 built
XF2RRyanDark Sharkjet+turboprop; 1 built
FSSupermarineSpitfiredesignation reserved but not assigned
XFTNorthrop1 built
FUVought20 built
XF2UVought1 built
XF3UVought1 built
F4UVoughtCorsairover 12½ thousand built
XF5UVoughtFlying Flapjack2 built
F6UVoughtPiratejet; 33 built
F7UVoughtCutlassjet; 320 built
F8UVoughtCrusaderover 1200 total built
XFVLockheedSalmonturboprop; VTOL; popularly Pogostick; 1 built
F2WWright2 built
F3WWrightApache2 built
XFYConvairPogoturboprop; VTOL; 1 built
F2YConvairSea Dart5 built