Because all the magazines are US-published and the Copyright Office shows no record of any of the copyrights having been renewed, I can provide copies, at least within the US. There is some ambiguity regarding rights on some of the illustrations that were credited to The Aeroplane and Flight British magazines. I am trying to arrange permissions, but the process is slow and somewhat frustrating.
I also have a fair library of reference books that I can mine for information, but I cannot provide copies of the materials in them, and I am not trying to be a general research library for WWII warbirds, though I have managed to learn a bit along the way,

The magazines in the collection include:
Aero Digest including Aviation Engineering, a product of Aeronautical Digest Publishing Company
Air Age magazine, which became Aircraft Age, and then Air World including Aircraft Age, from Columbia Publications
Air News, published by Phillip Andrews Publishing Company
Air Progress, a Street & Smith publication
Air Tech, published by Phillip Andrews Publishing Company "in the interests of the USAAF Technical Training Command"
Air Trails, later Air Trails Pictorial, a Street & Smith publication
Aviation magazine, a McGraw-Hill publication
Flying magazine, incorporating Popular Aviation in the early years and Industrial Aviation in the middle years. Flying was a Ziff-Davis publication.
Flying Aces magazine , published by Magazine Publishers, Inc
Industrial Aviation magazine, a Ziff-Davis publication
Skyways magazine, a publication of The Henry Publishing Company

The issues that I have available to work with are listed below: [Note that page counts include front and rear covers]
As noted in the introduction, not all issues are complete — some pages have been razored out and a few have had images cut out.
Gaps indicate missing issues.

Aero Digest including Aviation Engineering

Air Age

Aircraft Age

Air World combined with Aircraft Age

Air News

Air News with Air Tech

Air Progress

Air Tech

Air News with Air Tech

Air Trails


Volume 39, calendar year 1940, was taken from a bound volume. Front and rear covers and advertising pages before the Contents page are missing.
An unknown number of pages after the editorial copy are also missing. Page counts are based on the highest-numbered page included, plus the missing pages at the front, plus two pages for the inner and outer rear covers (which are missing.)
August, 1940, was separately obtained as a complete issue.

Issues from 1941 and later are complete issues, with only occasional missing pages or covers.

Flying and Popular Aviation

Flying including Industrial Aviation Flying

Flying Aces

Industrial Aviation