Douglas' SBD Dauntless was the Navy's go-to dive bomber in the early phases of the War in the Pacific and as such was responsible for a large percentage of Japanese naval losses. In spite of its importance in the Pacific, the SBD didn't get a lot of press in the magazines in my collection. Much of this was probably related to the fact that the Dauntless was the Navy's tool in the Pacific, while the government was holding public focus on the Army's campaign in Europe (through the USAAC/USAAF), because Germany was considered the priority enemy.

The only Design Analysis article [ HTML ] was one from Air Tech magazine and is, as was typical for the articles in that magazine, relatively brief.

Other drawings

Something somewhat confusing in the printed photos is that the forward antenna mast may appear on either side of the forward fuselage. All of the drawings, however, indicate that the antenna mast was on the left side of the fuselage ahead of the cockpit.